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Codename: Professor X

Full Name: Charles Francis Xavier
Mutant Powers: Possesses the most powerful telepathic mind in the world

Charles Xavier was born into the Great Depression years of 1929-33. Son of a nuclear technician, the radiation was the cause of his mutant powers. After his father died in an accident, his mother remarried Kurt Marko, who brought with him his son from a previous marriage, Cain Marko, Charles' new abusive step-brother. Kurt Marko beat Charles' mother on a regular basis, and it was through his efforts to comfort her that Charles discovered his mutant powers. Both Marko and Charles' mother died eventually, leaving the vast Xavier fortune and the Mansion in Charles' possession.

He served in the Korean War, but during that time, his fiance Moira wrote to him to tell him that she was marrying another man. Heartbroken, he continued to fight, and afterwards began his travels around the world, during which he met and fought the Shadow King in Eygpt. During this time, he also went to Israel, where he met Erik Magnus Lensherr ( Magneto) and Gabrielle Haller. After a love-affair with Gabrielle, he again left, and his travels were ended when he suffered an attack from the alien Lucifer, which put him in his trademark wheelchair. As he healed, he was cared for by a nurse, Amelia Voght, and they became lovers. To continue his fight, he started the X-men, who then consisted of Cyclops, Iceman, the Beast and Marvel Girl ( codename later changed to Jean Grey). Amelia left him soon after the formation of the X-men, and Xavier thereafter devoted himself to his students.

Professor X


Jean Grey


























Russian Goatsucker

from Sploid

As if life in Russia wasn't already bad enough, villagers are now reporting a hideous blood-sucking predator is feasting on their livestock.

The creature appears to be similar to the one known in the Americas as El Chupacabra.

According to Moscow News, the horror began a year ago when a horrible beast killed 32 turkeys at a Central Russian farm.

The bird corpses had all been drained of blood.

More reports followed, with one farmer claiming he lost 30 sheep and goats to the Chupacabra. Again, the bodies of the animals were left without a drop of blood.

"Eyewitness descriptions match the traditional description of the Chupacabra, said to resemble a kangaroo and a dog with huge teeth," Moscow News reported today.

Over the past year, many creatures thought to be Chupacabras have been captured, killed or photographed in the United States.


Puny Earthlings Spot Alien's Ride

Bulgarian UFO Video!

from Sploid

A remarkable home video taken from the balcony of a Soviet-era apartment building in Bulgaria shows a shimmering egg-shaped UFO in full daylight.

The 18-second video focuses on the strange object, zooms in and out to give scale and perspective, and ends shortly after the UFO jets away at an astounding speed.

The sighting apparently occured late last year in the city of Blagoevgrad.

Bulgaria has been the scene of hundreds of dramatic UFO sightings over the decades.


Don't They Get It?! Did Enterprise Teach Them Nothing?!

No One Wants a 90210 Prequel!

Do you want to see these three recast as horny teenagers using primitive technology? Count me out.

J.J. Abrams Re-Invents Star Trek

from Dark Horizons

Star Trek is dead, long live Star Trek. Paramount is resurrecting its Star Trek franchise by setting Mission: Impossible III helmer J.J. Abrams to produce and direct the eleventh Star Trek feature, aiming for a 2008 release reports Variety.

Abrams, who's highly buzzed M:I-III marks his feature directing debut, is most famous for creating and producing such hit series as Lost, Alias and Felicity. Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk, Abrams' producing team from Lost, also will produce the yet-to-be-titled feature.

The project, to be penned by Abrams and Alias/M:I-III scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, looks like it'll be a prequel of the franchise with the story set in the early days of original series characters James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock - including their first meeting at Starfleet Academy and first outer space mission.

Star Trek has been Hollywood's most durable performer other than James Bond, spawning 10 features that have grossed more than $1 billion and 726 TV episodes from six shows spanning five decades.

The decision to relaunch comes a year after UPN pulled the plug on Star Trek: Enterprise amid dismal ratings, and four years after Star Trek: Nemesis turned in the worst performance of the ten films with $43 million domestic.

Its expected long time producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga will not be involved and their proposed plans for an eleventh feature, including a script by Erik Jendresen, have been scrapped.


X-Rated Magazine

On the Cover: X-Men: The Last Stand

from Premier

The rise of Dark Phoenix and the development of a "cure" for mutancy have left the X-Men and the brotherhood more polarized than ever. It's up to director Brett Ratner, taking over from Bryan Singer, to turn thier Last Stand into the franchise's most rousing installment yet.

When a filmmaker compares his big summer movie to "a freight train," you might guess that he sees himself as an engineer skillfully guiding a barreling behemoth toward its final destination in multiplexes.

In the case of X-Men: The Last Stand, however, Brett Ratner at first felt more like the guy running alongside, just trying to jump aboard. "The train was already moving," says the director, who was brought onto the project a mere eight weeks before the start of production. "And if it wasn't me [directing], it was going to be somebody else."

Just a couple of years ago, Fox, Marvel, and the makers of the X-movies would have told you there was nobody else for X-Men but Bryan Singer. But after directing the series' first two installments, which grossed more than $370 million, Singer abruptly defected in July 2004 for rival superhero event project Superman Returns. It had seemed to be full steam ahead for the franchise after an X2 coda that clearly implied X3 would tackle the comics' classic "Dark Phoenix Saga," in which a resurrected Jean Grey (played by Famke Janssen) sees her awesome psychic powers spiral tragically out of control. Among comics fans, the tale is as revered as the origin stories of Superman, Batman, or Spider-Man. With Singer's exit, studio anticipation had suddenly turned to anxiety.

"I found out from [Fox chairman] Tom Rothman, who was in New York to see me doing The Boy From Oz on Broadway," recalls Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine. "He came backstage afterward, and his face looked ashen. I said, 'What's the matter?' 'I just found out [at intermission] that Bryan's not doing X-Men 3.'" Laughing, Jackman adds, "I thought he just really didn't enjoy the show."

Still, X-Men's producers had an idea for duplicating the franchise's formula with surprising precision. They brought in Matthew Vaughn, whose hepcat gangster-flick credits - directing Layer Cake, producing Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch - read like Singer's unlikely pre- X-Men résumé, when The Usual Suspects was his calling card.

Then, with the clock ticking fast toward a May 2006 release that had been locked nearly two years in advance, Vaughn too dropped out, citing "personal reasons." There were rumors that he was overwhelmed; others said that he was reluctant to uproot his family from the U.K. to Vancouver for the lengthy shoot. (Vaughn declined to comment for this story.) Despite the expected all's-well spin control from the movie's producers - "X-Men transcends anybody," Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad insisted mid-tumult - the double whammy left some bruises. "It's certainly nerve-wracking when anyone walks away," says producer Ralph Winter. "But the gap got filled. And Brett Ratner's enthusiasm went a long way toward reassuring everyone that, hey, we can make this happen. We can jump in and do this."

"For some reason with X-Men films, if it's not a little chaotic, then we'd probably all worry even more," shrugs Jackman, who was famously cast at the eleventh hour when original Wolverine choice Dougray Scott (Mission: Impossible II) fell out. Jackman's stock has risen so sharply since then that he had the clout to sign off on Ratner, a choice he says he knew was right on the very first day of shooting. "I wasn't filming," he says, "but it was a scene with Angel" - a new, winged mutant (played fully grown by Ben Foster of Hostage and The Punisher). "You see him as a little boy, and he's trying to cut off his wings. It's a very traumatic moment. I watched Brett working with the kid playing him, and I had tingles on the back of my neck. I said, 'This movie won't be five minutes gone, and there won't be a dry eye in the house.' This is a movie where people have to believe a hundred percent in the emotional world of these characters. Brett totally understood it."

To read the full, eight-page X-Men: The Last Stand cover story, pick up the May 2006 issue of Premiere, on sale now.

Another Tale from the Crypts

Jolie Raids a Third Tomb

from Dark Horizons

Angelina Jolie will be reprising her role as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider 3 reports Britain's The Daily Express.

Jolie will be required to start training almost immediately after her new child's birth. Jolie is currently residing in Nambia with Brad Pitt and their two adopted children awaiting the birth of their child.

The creator of the game and character, Ian Livingstone told the newspaper that "Angelina is already in training to make sure she gets rid of her post-pregnancy bulge. She wants to be in tip-top shape and look better in Lara's outfit than ever".

Despite both previous Tomb Raider films getting a critical drubbing, the films took in $274 million and $156 million in their theatrical runs and did booming business on DVD. The gaming franchise, which suffered from poor sequels, bounced back in recent weeks with the new release Tomb Raider: Legend landing in top sales spots around the globe and enjoying very good reviews.

Jolie is also presently attached to a variety of projects including two further sequels next year - Sin City 2 and Ocean's Thirteen.


Science Friction: F-Bot, Bangdroid, Blowbot, C-3POnMe, Penetron, Gangbots, Powerdrill, RoboCox, Insatiable Pigbot, R2-FU...Decisions Decisions

White Party, 2025: 'We are Borgasm. Resistance is futile. And kinda hot. Man-in-black, prepare your recepticles for seven of nine, maybe eight.'

Future Sex: Gizmos, Robots

from Reuters

SAN FRANCISCO - The IM-4U Ho-BotWhen America's top sex researchers gathered recently to discuss the next decade in their field, some envisioned a future in which artificial sex partners could cater to every fantasy.

"What is very likely to be present before 2016 would be a multi-sensual experience of virtual sex," said Julia Heiman, director of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction at Indiana University, Bloomington.

"There is a possibility of developing erotic materials for yourself that would allow you to create a partner of certain dimensions and qualities, the partner saying certain things in that interaction, certain things happening in that interaction."

A field dubbed "teledildonics" already allows people at two remote computers to manipulate electronic devices such as a vibrator at the other end for sexual purposes.

"People who use it are just blown away," said Steve Rhodes, president of Sinulate Entertainment, which has sold thousands of Internet-connected sex devices over the past three years. "This is not something that just the lunatic fringe does."

"The Iraq war...was kind of a boom for our company."

Gina Lynn, who writes the "Sex Drive" column for Wired magazine, says she has used and enjoyed the Sinulator and says there is no reason to fear the technology.

"People are still really afraid of...any sort of combination of sex and technology and of the Internet," she said. "What people are missing here is the point, which is the human connection that we are facilitating through the technology."

"No one who is even inventing this stuff wants or even thinks that technology could ever replace human connection or sex." Swingers Mary and John about to test drive Bi-Bot

Annie Sprinkle, a former adult film actress, prostitute and author of Spectacular Sex, said teledildonics are a logical outgrowth of improvements in pleasure devices.

"Now people use vibrators like mad and rightly so; the technology of sex toys has vastly improved," she said. "The more options the better; I mean it can never replace body to body."

"Some people will love it more than anything else and others won't be into it."

Entrepreneurs are also seeking to fuse explicit video imagery with real-life tactile sensation.

Brad Abram, president of XStream3D Multimedia, said his firm's Virtually Jenna, an online game in which the player has sex with realistic cartoon of porn star Jenna Jameson, can link hardware devices following the action to genitalia.

"None of the big publishers will probably venture in there so we could be like the Hustler or the Playboy or whatever, the Penthouse of adult gaming," the Vancouver, Canada-based Abram said. "Sex toys is a huge business."

His service, without the hardware, costs $29.95 a month, and he said several hundred thousand people have tried the online sex game to date. He expects the hardware area of such simulations to grow rapidly.

Is it possible to go a step further and come up with a sex robot such as that portrayed by actor Jude Law in the 2001 film AI: Artificial Intelligence or the orgasmatron machine of the 1973 Woody Allen movie Sleeper?

Carl DiSalvo, a doctoral candidate at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design, has helped design a robotic device that simulates the warmth and feeling of a hug. He said such work could be expanded into the realm of sex.

"That hardly seems to be difficult," he said. But "a realistic encounter is where the thing gets to be much more expensive."

Companies such as realdoll.com sell very lifelike human-size sex dolls without electronics foThe Bender from Budweiser can accommodate your needs over the couch, a dumpster, kitchen sink, public restroom toilet, theme park railings, jungle-gyms...r $6,500, not including $500 shipping. DiSalvo is skeptical about the demand for such high-end devices, as is San Francisco sexologist Carol Queen.

"I do find that a world full of people getting it on with you know, perfect gizmos instead of each other has some sort of a post-Orwellian kind of sense to it," she said. "I don't really think that most people are going to want this."

Others suspect the technology is also far off. "Right now they are having trouble making robots that just sweep floors," said Pepper Schwartz, a sociology professor at the University of Washington in Seattle and author of many books on sex.

"You know, we're talking about a big jump from something saying 'You are so sexy, I want you' to mimicking all the things that would create a cyborg. We're not at the cyborg level yet."

Going even a level further, other researchers say in decades to come advanced devices will be able to stimulate the brain to create a sexual experience without manipulating genitalia.

Marvin Minsky, a pioneer in the study of artificial intelligence dating back to 1951, said such devices could either trigger an actual physical response from the brain, or have the entire experience take place in the mind with the sensatioWooden and stiff, Keanubot is the Holy Grail of teledildonicsn of sex -- but without the mess or risk of sexually transmitted disease.

"It's bound to happen...and is not as far off as some people think," Minsky, a professor emeritus at MIT, said of direct brain manipulation. "They are doing things with monkeys but it is not a big world-class industry yet, so that could take 20-30 years."

"But if the game (industry) people got involved in some underdeveloped country that didn't have any laws against it, it could all happen twice as fast."

Some researchers warn that too much fantasy could prove adverse to everyday human interaction.

"There is a great deal of pushing people out of social relations into a kind of simulated relationship, which in fact decreases what is essential in human life, which is sociability - one's capacity to relate to other people," said John Gagnon, a veteran researcher and author on many books on sexuality.

'Query: You like that, bitch, do you not?' (Blak-N-Dekker's new SNMbot)

Easter Bunny Cracks Open an Egg o' Whupass

Thanks for the Beating, Easter Bunny!

from Sploid

Who doesn't love the Easter Bunny? Maybe the poor young woman who took a beating from Him down at the mall.

Erin Johansson and her family were patiently waiting to have their photo taken with the legendary rabbit at the Edison Mall in Fort Myers, Florida. It was shortly before 8 p.m. Saturday when the manager, Crystal Frechette, announced that He would be knocking off early.

All the families in line were furious. Johansson confronted Frechette, demanding justice. Words turned to fisticuffs and soon the two women were rolling on the floor, with Frechette yanking Johansson's hair in an Easter Eve catfight.

That's when the Easter Bunny - aka Arthur McClure - came to his wife Frechette's defense. As numerous families and their horrified children looked on, McClure lifted his off his giant bunny head. He then dove into the fray, landing several blows to Johansson's head.

"It was something like you would see in a movie," Robert Johansson said, perhaps revealing too much about his tastes in cinema.

"The next thing you know my wife is sucker-punched by the manager, she is pulled to the ground by her hair and then the Easter Bunny jumps on top and starts punching my wife in the head."

The happy couple was charged with misdemeanor battery and disturbing the peace and released in time for Easter Dinner.

P. Cottontail Goes to the Movies: The Easter Bunny hates it when people talk through the movie, like Ellen here, may the bitch rest in peace.

So They Can Prove She's Still Cursed?
Too Bad Stupidity Isn't Illegal - She'd Be Rich

That's a Pretty Big Curse...

from Reuters

MOSCOW - Russian police are looking for two mystics who persuaded a student to part with more than $160,000 in exchange for lifting a curse, RIA news agency reported Sunday.

"Two unknown women, on the pretext of lifting a curse, stole $150,000 and some jewelry by means of deception. The total amount stolen is estimated at $161,800," the agency quoted a police source as saying.

The victim is a female student at Moscow's elite State Institute for International Affairs, RIA said. Many Russians are highly superstitious. They spend huge sums each year on faith healers and alternative medicine.

Undated, Grainy BW Monster?
A. Nonymous Says Si

Lake Monster Pix!

from Sploid

Argentina's famed lake monster, "Nahuelito," was reportedly photographed on Saturday.

The newspaper El Cordillerano published two of the pictures in today's edition.

According to cryptozoologist Scott Corrales, the photos were taken by an unidentified man at Lake Nahuel Huapi on Saturday morning.

The man left the pictures at the newspaper's offices with a note saying he would not leave his name because he wanted to avoid "future headaches," CryptoMundo reported today.

The mystery man apparently spoke to a receptionist and said the thing seen in the lake water wasn't a tree branch or anything similarly mundane, but an actual creature swimming.

Also known as the "Patagonian plesiosaur," sightings of the creature go back to at least the 1920s.


The Colbert Report: Dungeons & Dragons

I will never forget when I lost Pheronithe, my 21st-level Lawful Good paladin. [chuckles] I know - that's redundant!

With D&D now available on the internet, the social outcasts of today's junior high schools are relieved of the agony of any human contact. Enjoy your magnificent isolation!

Don't forget to bathe.

Thanks to dopplegangster Drew for the clue...

'Query: Are You Deaf? Repeat: If You Touch Me Again, I'll Kill You. Capice? Suggestion: Now Get the Fuck Away from Me'

Eight-year-old Yuki Nihei talks to Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd's household robot 'Wakamaru' at Robot Festa 2006 in Tokyo March 25, 2006. Over 10,000 people will attend the two-day event, the organiser said. REUTERS/Toru Hanai

Once Mary-Kate Realized Skin Was Just Gross, Disgusting Fat...

A display at "Bodies ...the Exhibition" at Earl's Court in London. The exhibition provides an up-close look inside skeletal, muscular, respiratory and circulatory systems, and showcases 22 whole-body specimens and more than 260 organs and partial body specimens.(AFP/John D McHugh)

Mighty Aphrodite

Venus is seen in an undated photo taken from the Hubble Space Telescope. Europe's first space probe to Venus entered the planet's orbit on Tuesday and sent its first transmissions from there to Earth, ground controllers said. (NASA/Handout/Reuters)



TV Spot #1

TV Spot #2

TV Spot #3

Theatrical Trailer

The Final Frontier (Sounds Cool!)

Epcot Takes Woman to Final Destination

from Sploid

For the second year in a row, Disney's Epcot Center has been the end of the line for a helpless thrill seeker who fell prey to "Mission: Space."

The victim, whose name is being withheld, took ill almost immediately after getting off the ride. She was rushed to Celebration Hospital, where her condition deteriorated rapidly. By Wednesday she was dead, she was only 49.

The ride is so violent and terrifying that passengers are supplied with motion sickness bags and people are regularly treated for chest pain.

Just last summer, 4-year-old Daudi Bamuwamye didn't survive his own mission to space. The ride was temporarily shut down so Disney engineers could inspect it. They insisted it was functioning properly. In light of yesterday's tragedy, it seems it still is.

The state Bureau of Fair Rides Inspection is being called in to monitor the latest inspection.

Over the past quarter-century there have been an average of two fixed-site ride deaths a year. "Mission: Space" has been single-handedly propping that figure up of late.


Sandman v. Spider-Man v. Venom

Spidey 3's Church Confirms Venom

from Sci-Fi Wire

Thomas Haden Church, who plays the villainous Sandman in Sam Raimi's upcoming Spider-Man 3, inadvertently let slip in an interview with MSN.com that a key villain will be Venom.

"I'm overwhelmed every time I'm around Sam," Church told the site. "He's been showing me [stuff] since the beginning of last summer. 'This is what we are going to be doing in this sequence. This is what Spider-Man is going to be doing, and this is what Venom is going to be doing.' It is a massive, massive process."

Venom is an alien nemesis of Spider-Man who was introduced in mid-1980s comics, a kind of stonger, evil mirror-image of Spider-Man with a black uniform and sharp, razorlike teeth.

Director Raimi has been coy about which characters will appear in Spider-Man 3, though rumors about Venom have swirled on the Internet, fueled by the official image of Spidey in a black suit.

'Error: Candle Melting Rear Port!'

MIT Fraternity Accused of Robot Hazing

from The Onion

CAMBRIDGE, MA — Several members of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology chapter of the Theta Tau fraternity are in campus-police custody today following a brutal hazing incident in which one robot remains missing and two others are in critical condition with extensive circuitry and servo-motor injuries, sources revealed Monday.

The robots, experimental prototypes recently devised at MIT's prestigious Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, were participating in an apparent initiation exercise that police say involved butyl alcohol and compressed air.

According to eyewitnesses, the three robots were ripped from their chargers at the Theta Tau chapter house at 3 a.m. Tuesday. One, a titanium-alloy hexapod approximately 13 inches in diameter, was reportedly forced to climb stairs built at a grade too steep for its small hinged legs, causing six of its pneumatic actuators to short out. A second robot, a biped from MIT's Leg Laboratory, was allegedly forced to replicate "the same humiliating hopping algorithm" 200,000 times, and is currently in critical condition in the laboratory's emergency-repair room.

The third robot, a tread-driven 38-inch-tall rover, is feared drowned after being forced to consume over 40 terabytes of data and then swim across the Charles River with a burning candle stuck in its rear port.

"We will thoroughly investigate this matter, and take strong disciplinary action," MIT Dean of Students Geraldine Knight said. "These robots are extremely artificially intelligent. They wouldn't willingly subject themselves to this sort of abuse without extreme levels of peer pressure or even downright reprogramming."

Among those detained for questioning were Theta Tau chapter president David Kovis, treasurer Charles Leung, and fraternity members Lee Berger, Andy Ockridge, A. Muduthanapally, and Chen Kwan Tan. They could be charged with first-degree botslaughter and operating a motorized robot under the influence, charges that carry a maximum punishment of lifetime banishment from the MIT Media lab.

This is not the first case of robot hazing on the campus. Last fall, during "Rush Week," a spider-legged unit was found struggling in a closet at MIT's School of Engineering, stripped of its outer casing, its motion sensors covered with duct tape. The perpetrators were never found.

On another occasion, a robot was locked in a room and forced to calculate pi to the 1083 decimal place in what officials called one of the worst cases of binge-thinking they'd ever seen.

This latest incident comes in the wake of a February episode in which an ambulating chatbot device created at Caltech was programmed to repeat the phrase "I am a faggot" while locomoting across campus.

Robots have also reportedly been made to fight each other, often to total annihilation, in the basements of applied-science-based campus fraternal organizations during their respective "hell weeks."

The Theta Tau fraternity house where the alleged systems abuse took place.
A spokesman for the Theta Tau fraternity claimed that the "fun just got out of hand," and that the robot pledges were "100 percent cool with the initiation."

In protest, human-emotion-simulator robot Kismet, a respected member of the MIT community, announced that it will only display an expression of disapproval—refusing to smile, show fear, or raise a curious eyebrow—until those responsible receive appropriate punishment.

It's a Bird!
It's a Plane!
It's a Documentary!

Superman Documentary Flies

from Sci-Fi Wire

Superman Returns director Bryan Singer told SCI FI Wire that he decided to produce a feature-length documentary about the Man of Steel while researching the character's past. Excited by what he found, Singer decided to produce Look Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman.

"It was a very elaborate process," Singer said in an interview. "It's comprised of 50 or more interviews. It involved going to archives, researching and tracking down and optioning footage that people have never seen before of early incarnations of Superman."

Look Up in the Sky explores Superman's beginnings in comic books and his early presence in movies, ranging from Max Fleischer cartoon shorts (screened before feature films in movie theaters in the 1940s) to 1951's Superman and the Mole-Men, starring George Reeves, which inspired the first Superman TV series. There's also coverage of the Superman movie revival that began in the 1970s, TV's Lois and Clark and Smallville, and footage from Superman Returns.

"I partnered with Kevin Burns to produce this documentary for Warner Brothers," Singer said. "Kevin is an old friend and has produced Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy, Cleopatra: The Film That Changed Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days and a number of other amazing films and documentaries. I thought it would be a nice thing to have on the air before the movie comes out as a way of getting people in the mood for Superman."

Singer said that he hopes to strike a deal for the documentary to be aired on TV sometime in June, and there's a chance for a limited theatrical release. Look Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman is currently slated for a June 20 release on DVD.


Mission to Martians?

A Martian self-sculpture?

The uncannily cubical Martian Box?

Have a nice day?

The, um, Junkyard of Mars?

Fossils of the Great Redworms of Mars?

The Safe of Mars, its combination undoubtedly long-forgotten?

The elusive, adorable, dreaded Martian Bunny?

Mars (Hearts) Earth?



Mission to Mars

This image, released by NASA on March 23, 2006, shows the wheels of NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit churning up the largest amount of bright soil discovered so far in the mission. This image was taken while driving eastward toward the northwestern flank of 'McCool Hill.' The image, taken on the rover's 787th Martian day, or sol, of exploration (March 21, 2006), shows the strikingly light tone and large extent of the deposit. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/Handout/Reuters)