Got a New Toy Today...

And by 'New' I Mean 'Kinda Old' & by 'Toy' I Mean 'Toys' & by 'Today' I Mean 'Last Week'

Alpha Flight's Sasquatch and Vindicator action figures. Remember when Alpha Flight first came out and Jean-Marie had a split personality, Northstar was still acting straight, Snowbird had postcognition, and Shaman used to pull cool tricks from his pouch - like a staff that made flying creatures suddenly still in mid-air or seeds that turned into entangling roots? That was cool. (And then it went to Hell.) And the word 'Plodex" (Marrina's native race) still pops in my head about once a week. Thanks, John Byrne.

Edit: Ooh! And Nemesis with her one-atom-thin sword! Yeah, those were the days...


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