So If You See a Monkey in a Tutu Holding a Vodka Bottle While Waiting for a Bus in the Rain, It Might Not the Acid Kicking In

And, once their backs are turned, Bobo attempts another daring escape.

Circus Monkey's Bike Stolen

from Sploid

Anonymous And it ends up, my ferret can't even RIDE a bike! D'oh!thieves in Ulan-Ude, the capital of the Russian republic of Buryatia, stole a motorcyle that was specially designed for a circus monkey. As a result, the circus has been effectively ruined.

The gloomy backwater of Ulan-Ude is known mainly as a reliable source of orphans and zinc. To play host to a performing simian transport scandal is, if anything, a refreshing pleasure.

The circus' show was cancelled due to the lack of a replacement motorcycle. This strange development suggests that the monkey-on-a-bike routine took up a large portion, if not the only portion, of the tragic Russian circus.

The victims were too horrified and humiliated to report the incident to the police, and instead are hoping that the criminals will return the bike once they figure out they can't ride it.

This should work out just fine, unless the thieves are monkeys from a rival circus.


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