Awwww...I'll Take Two

I Mean Four!

Wait, No, Two!

Two-Faced Pussy

from Sploid

Four-footed ducks, albino lobsters, two-headed turtles...what'll Mother Nature think of next? How about a two-faced cat?

Just such a monstrosity was born to a mother cat in Ohio this week. The beast in question has two pairs of eyes that have not yet open, two mouths which meow in unison and two noses. Two other kittens from the same litter are perfectly normal.

Like most children, the boy who owns the newborn mutant is fascinated by freaks of nature. He hasn't yet settled on a name, but he's leaning towards "Tiger."

The family vet says that though two-faced cats are far more rare than two-faced people, there's every reason to believe this cat will live a normal life. He's already started nursing alongside his siblings.

Here's hoping that "Tiger" fares better than January's mutant kitty, Cy. The one-eyed, noseless feline lasted just days before she was taken to the giant sandbox in the sky.

Winner: Immortalization in Sidebar!
added to: The Real Mutant Menace!
New mutant, codename Double Felix
Mutant Abilities: Two faced, stereo, drinks milk really, really fast


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