Ignition via Precognition

Psychic Fails To Predict Crystal Ball Blaze

from AFP

LONDON - A French amateur psychic's powers of prediction were under sharp scrutiny after his crystal ball started an inferno that burnt out his flat, a British newspaper reported.

Herve Vandrot, 24, who studies botany at Edinburgh University, left his trusty crystal ball on a windowsill while he sauntered off to the city's Royal Botanical Garden.

He returned surprised to find his top floor flat ablaze and suffered blistering to a hand after dashing in to rescue some coursework.

He was dragged out of the building by some of the 35 firefighters who rushed to tackle the inferno.

Edinburgh firefighters said they could see it coming: "The fire had been started by the ball concentrating a ray of sunshine on a pile of laundry."

The fire caused by the fortune-telling device destroyed two other flats and rendered several more uninhabitable, The Times said.


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