As You Read You Think, Do I? Could I? Is It Possible I Too Have Living Inside Me...
My Parasitic Twin?!

My Brother the Alien

from Sploid

A Russian tractor driver suffering from a painful tumor was actually carrying a fetus inside his back.

Igor Namyatov, 35, had long complained of terrible back pain. But doctors always dismissed it as a harmless "fatty tumor."

When the pain finally became unbearable, surgeons discovered the dead fetus of Namyatov's twin brother.

For 35 years, the man's dead twin was lodged inside his torso.

The fetus was well developed, complete with hands and feet.

Paranoid residents of Namyatov's village believe the dead fetus was actually an alien being implanted in the tractor driver.

The Moscow News reported one villager's remarks: "It is a pity they have removed it. They should have waited to see what would become of it later on. That would have been a great scientific find."

The strange phenomena is known as "the parasitic twin."

Infamous recent cases include a 16-year-old laborer in Egypt found to have a grotesque one-armed, one-legged creature inside his stomach. Surgeons removed the twin in 1997. It had a full set of teeth, just as you would expect to find in a 16-year-old's mouth. In some small and terrible way, the thing was alive.

And just last June in Detroit, a baby was born with a third leg - but the leg actually belonged to a parasitic twin mixed up with little Destiny Lunsford. Doctors removed the ghost leg.

Many historical examples can be found here, although the photographs are extremely horrific.


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