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Pizza Man Dressed As Superhero Comes To Rescue

from CBS

MINNEAPOLIS - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman and Luke Pie Rocker?

All of the above have done their part to rid the world of criminals and Luke Pie Rocker is Minnesota's own.

Luke Pie Rocker, a pizza delivery guy in costume in the Uptown area of Minneapolis, spends most of his time tooling around town, making pizza deliveries in his little electric car.

Tuesday night, Luke Pie Rocker became at least one woman's superhero, as he came to the rescue of a robbery victim screaming for help.

"I was leaving a delivery and there was a woman screaming at someone to drop the purse," said Galactic Pizza's Cameron Evans, known as Luke Pie Rocker on his night job.

It was Terry Skarman. She was walking home from work at the Wedge Co-op when a robber snuck up and grabbed her purse. When the robber took off with Skarman's purse, the superhero sprung into action.

"I was getting into my gizmo and realized what I should do and I dropped my pizza bag and went running after," said Evans.

So Luke Pie Rocker and two other men chased the robber. They got to him and got Skarman's purse back.

And if you were wondering what a "gizmo" was, Evans explains.

"This is a gizmo, they all have names, I believe this is frank," said Evans as he showed off his tiny electric vehicle.

Dressing up is just a part of his quirky job.

"I have my sateen short shorts which provide speed and light reflection. The tights are just for professionalism. Oh the cape's just there so I look good," said Evans.

Evans attributes his speed to his getup.

"I probably wouldn't have been able to move nearly as quickly if I weren't in my full superhero gear," said Evans.


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