Star Wars TV? Don't Hold Your Breath...

Star Wars Television Series Light Years Away

from Cinescape

In an interview with If Magazine, producer Rick McCallum mentioned that a Star Wars live action TV series appears to still be a ways away. The show will be set in between Episode III and Episode IV and contain all new characters.

"We're interviewing writers, and seeing a lot of people, but I would say it wouldn't be happening for about eighteen months," McCallum said. "Don't believe a single thing [you've heard]. It happens between Episode III and Episode IV. It will be all new characters. It will be the missing twenty-year period during Luke growing up. Think about bounty hunter, that's all I can tell you. It's no one else that you will know. It's really early stages, and we haven't sat down to decide what direction to go."

McCallum also mentioned that the animated Star Wars TV show was about a year away and would follow on from where Star Wars: Clone Wars left off.


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