Ratner Reveals X3 Moments

from Sci-Fi Wire

Brett Ratner, director of the upcoming SF sequel X-Men: The Last Stand, told SCI FI Wire that the third installment in the hit comic franchise is loaded with both huge set pieces and quieter, more reflective character moments.

"The megamovie moment is in the trailer, and that's ripping the [Golden Gate] Bridge out of the ground and moving it," Ratner said in an interview. "That's a mega-mega-mega-movie moment. Even I'm blown away when I see it. The pieces that it took, that we shot, to get that to work—from the plates to the sky shots to the making of the bridge in miniature to CG enhancements to real elements of people running—it was insane. There must be 20 different elements to make one shot of the bridge look real. So, as far as technology is concerned, that's a major mega-moment in cinema. I'm telling you, my mouth drops when I see the final shots."

As for a quieter moment? Ratner pointed to a spoiler scene between Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and a pre-Dark Phoenix Jean Grey (Famke Janssen). "Wolverine is looking at Jean after she's come back," Ratner said. "They're in the infirmary, and he's looking down at her. It's a great moment, because you see that he loves her. He's staring at her with love, because he doesn't know if she's going to live or die, and all of a sudden she grabs his hand. That's reminiscent of [a similar scene in] the first movie, when he grabbed her after he'd been unconscious, when she was looking at him, in a different way, of course. But that, I thought, was a beautiful moment."

X-Men: The Last Stand opens on May 26.


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