Tom & Jerry's Lovechild?

The Tunisian Rat-Cat!

from Sploid

A Meow?seemingly normal house cat in Tunisia has given birth a litter of five adorable kittens...and one freakish mutant.

Among Minoucha's new litter is a half-cat, half-rat pygmy. The new addition to the family is a normal cat in every way except it has the nose, mouth, ears and feet of a rat.

At first glance, one might dismiss this as just another inter-species love story. But a close inspection of the shocking video shows that this bizarre beast is a cat through an through. It nurses and frolics with its siblings, totally accepted for the cat that it is.

Local vets are at a loss to explain what went wrong. As far as they know, this could be the next leap forward in cat evolution.


Blogger Smug said...

Darren, you crack me up. Don't know where you find this stuff, but keep it coming. I might have to link this post to Smug Nugget. Will give you credit, natch.

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