'HA! Stupid Meatbags!'

Rise of the Alcoholic Robots!
from Sploid
Mad scientists at a Texas university are building monstrous human-shaped robots that run on liquor.

New Scientist reports that the manufactured alcoholics will have superhuman strength and be able to wander what's left of our world, drinking booze wherever they find it.

"One day you could find yourself sitting in a bar next to a humanoid robot who is taking a shot of vodka to give himself the energy to go to work," said nanotechnologist Ray Baughman of the University of Texas at Dallas.

The alcohol-fueled robotic muscles are made from either special bundles of wire or the more exotic carbon nanotubes.

"The most athletic robots around today are chained to a power source, so they can't move about freely," Baughman said.

Sadly, it's not the first time crazed scientists have created alcoholic robots.

In 2004, an Austrian robotics lab revealed a pathetic android known as "BarBot."

It had one miserable purpose in life: drinking beer.

The BarBot begged humans for spare change, just like a real drunken hobo, and when it collected enough it went straight to the bar for another drink.

(Click here for the heartbreaking video.)

And in 2005, twisted robot masters in England created a whole race of baby booze-and-drug addicts.

The awful little robots were manufactured to be sickly, underweight infants who only knew pain and horror.


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