Billionaire Alien?

from Sploid

The world's seventh-richest man is Paul Allen, the Microsoft billionaire who owns the Seattle Seahawks, Portland Trail Blazers and Charter Communications while giving away $30 million a year.

But a Seattle documentary director thinks there's more to Allen than philanthropy, sports and computers.

According to Alex Mayer, the billionaire is a space alien.

Mayer's movie, Paul Alien, will have its premiere on Sunday night at The Shanty in Eureka, California.

According to his official biography, Paul Allen was born in Seattle to human parents, Kenneth and Faye Allen. Young Paul met Bill Gates in grade school and found they both liked fooling around with computers.

Later, Allen convinced Gates to drop out of Harvard and start a little software company that would lead to Microsoft.

Yet Allen is obsessed with trying to reach alien civilizations and having his own private rocket to take him back to wherever he came from.

He has given tons of money to SETI, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, and is a major backer of the new SETI telescope array that bears his name.

And he's the money man behind Burt Rutan's amazing Space Ship One, which had successful flights to space last year and won the coveted X Prize.

Beyond those obsessions, Allen created the Museum of Science Fiction at his Experience complex in Seattle.

All this proves Paul Allen is a space monster, director Mayer says.

Mayer's claims that Allen actually endorses the bizarre film appear to be false, however.


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