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British Woman Gives Birth to Twins from Two Wombs

from AFP

LONDON - A British woman beat odds of more than five million to one when she gave birth to twins from her two wombs.

Claire Miles, 35, born with a rare medical condition, has a pair of half-size wombs, making it extremely difficult to carry a baby successfully.

Miles is one of about 70 women in the world known to have been pregnant in two wombs since 1905 - and one of only five such women in Britain in the past 50 years to give birth to babies which survived.

Miles first discovered her condition when she was 20 after suffering severely painful menstruation.

Doctors also found she had two cervixes and two vaginas.

Aged 21, her vaginas were made into one but doctors decided it was too risky to alter her wombs.

Claire and husband David, 35, wedded thinking they had no chance of becoming parents. They were stunned to discover she was pregnant a month into their marriage.

The twins, Noah Henry, fron Miles's right womb, and Masie Rose, from her left womb, were born by a caesarian section on June 8 and are fit and well.

"I thought I would never be a mother," Miles told the Sunday Mirror Sunday. "Now I have two miracles."


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