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Meanwhile, over at the Dungeons & Dragons message boards, the birthplace of the name Shadowfoot and the original inspiration for starting this particular blog, I have, at long last, become a god...

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10-01-03, 03:52 PM
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* Background/Explanation: You can
click here to see the actual post/thread. It's the directory of links to all the original material I'd written and posted for D&D, representing several years of almost daily work and obsession. D&D is a component-based game, and it invites you to create new components to add to your own games - from a new type of weapon to a new magic spell to even a whole new world of your own design. Anything you create, however, has to be balanced against the very detailed and logical set of official rules, which span many hundreds and thousands of pages of official rulebooks. It can be tricky and requires a bit of thought and a lot of creativity to create something that fits well with the game. People would often post their creations on the boards for feedback to ensure they were balanced or just to show others something they may like to use in their own games. That's what I did: I wrote components for other players to adopt in their own games.

Mostly, I created what are called new "core classes" or "base classes" (or simply "classes") - which are the basic occupations of the game (alongside the standard classes like Wizard, Druid, Bard, and Paladin, I created new classes such as Witch, Swashbuckler, Jester, and Ninja), Since I felt that core classes should only represent basic fantasy archetypes, and there are a finite number of those in fantasy as it is, I created only a handful of new core classes - well, quite a few, actually, but a handful compared to the vast number of new "prestige classes" I also created. Prestige classes (PrCs) are advanced occupations or specializations that a character can, if he/she qualifies, pursue later in their career. A wizard, for example, might eventually adopt a PrC specializing in, say, fire magic, runes, or alchemy at the expense of the versatility remaining a straight wizard might afford. PrCs offer flavor and niches that the more general core classes avoided by definition. They are open to any character who meets the requirements, but most PrCs are geared or based on a specific core class, who may be able to qualify for it more easily than other classes. Some of my original prestige classes include the Dark Clown, Gallant, Zen Archer, Chicken Wrangler, Inexplicable, Sniper, Hillbilly, Lord of Flies, and Paragon of Beauty. I also created many new spells and spell domains, new feats (tricks/skills you can learn), and the occasional new race or new monster, like the Djan, Cinderelle, and Gremlin. I also held occasional contests for people on the boards to enter - such a contest for the best original religious core class or the best original love-themed prestige class - and they become pretty popular, and my structure, rules, winning categories, and format for contests sorta became the standard template others used for their own contests. I also maintained two separate compendiums that compiled all the standard/official classes and prestige classes, both official/published ones and original/homebrew ones that people - like me - posted to the boards.

Every time I posted some new creation or updated/revised an existing one, I updated this directory and added a link to the new item or the date of its update - and a link to this directory appeared in my signature whenever I posted anything, even a reply to someone else's thread.

Even though I didn't actually play D&D, hadn't since I was about 13, writing original content was a huge part of my adult life for several years. And over the years, I developed a bit of a following on the boards - my original stuff was plentiful and largely very well liked. I don't have many skills, but creating original D&D material is probably one of my better ones - I have a knack for the flavor and the logic/rules of new material. But then, well over a year ago now, I simply got burned out on D&D and stopped posting new material to the boards - and then stopped posting even replies to the boards entirely. Without word, I disappeared, retired, left my compendiums adrift and left replies and questions unanswered. I now just pop in from time to time to read what people say about my creations, but I don't reply or post anything. In a year, I've only posted once - a reply thanking someone for bumping every single one of my threads so they would not get deleted during an upcoming prune. Other than that, I've been silent and only observe. I haven't had much of a desire to return to D&D - although with my pending move to New Jersey and chance to start a new career, I've been thinking of going back to it - this time, as an occupation. We'll see.

What's a bump and what's a prune? On a message board, threads (a post and its replies) appear ranked in order of activity - threads recently replied to appear at the top of the first page of that board, "older" threads that haven't received a reply in, say, a year may be exiled on page 300 and, therefore, rarely if ever seen. When a message board gets too big, the administrators may conduct what is called a board "pruning" or "prune," in which they delete all older threads - say, all threads after page 25. Threads that did not receive a reply recently enough to land on page 25 or before are then deleted forever.

To "bump" a thread - often indicated with the smilie - means to reply to it, which knocks it to the very top of that particular board - from page 300 to page 1, for example. This ensures that others see the thread who might otherwise never see it, and, if a prune has been announced, ensures the thread is not deleted forever. People often bump their own threads for one of these two reasons - but it's a little shameless. It's considered like patting yourself on the back. It's better if someone else bumps your thread because they find merit or value in it - and they want others to see it as well, and they don't want the particular thread destroyed by a prune.

In the last day, there's been a number of replies to this particular directory of mine, with people wondering what happened to me, when I might return, bumping the thread (a board prune has been announced) and then getting really geeky to propose theories to explain my disappearance - the popular theory is that I've ascended to godhood. And then, and it's quite flattering, someone created a prestige class based on me - for followers of my D&D stuff. I've waited for someone to do something like that for years.

And that's what this blog entry is all about.*

The last dozen or so replies:

10-08-05, 03:42 PM
Location: The planet that you Pathetic Humans call "Earth"

bump *

10-08-05, 04:16 PM
Location: McKenzie, TN

Funny, I was thinking that this thread needed a .

#75 10-08-05, 10:54 PM
Location: Amanodel, Silvastari

Yay! I wanted to bring these suckers up but I was afraid of getting yelled at for resurrecting such an old thread.



#76 10-09-05, 12:33 AM
Silent Infinity
Location: Pascoag, RI

There is no need for resurrection.

Like the wisest of the hierophant druids, Shadowfoot bides his time in the calm serenity of the world waiting for the right time to unveil the genius of his contemplation.


#77 10-09-05, 01:39 AM
Rafilar Irithyl
Location: Myth Drannor, Cormanthor, Cormanthyr

Ia, Ia, Shadowfoot Ftaghn!

#78 12-23-05, 09:49 AM

This is a shameless for one of my fave poster's work. I am tempted to go thru & all of his threads linked here. They are getting ready to prune the boards and I dont want to take a chance that these may be lost.

#79 07-02-06, 12:53 AM

Been awhile since I this thread. I hope some day that the bug bites Shadowfoot again & he starts where he left off.

#80 07-02-06, 12:56 AM
Location: What's round on the sides and Hi in the middle?

Xorial, I really couldn't agree with you more. I hope he comes back (soon ) because,... Well, his stuff is amazing. His were the first classes I saw when getting to the boards, so I always consider them to be the standard I go against. A high and unique standard indeed.

#81 07-02-06, 10:35 PM

Maybe we all need to sit around in a circle & start chanting his name. Maybe we can conjure him back to the boards that way.

#82 07-03-06, 03:00 AM
Rafilar Irithyl

If we say his name three times he'll be summoned from Aldebaran.

#83 07-03-06, 10:05 AM
Location: GTA

Are you sure? I'm betting he's created his own demi-plane by now.

#84 07-03-06, 10:54 AM
Location: Plane of Shadow, Castle of Xantry-Ki

a demi-plane??? I think he rules his own layer in the Abbyss and commands his own demon army.

#85 07-03-06, 11:15 AM

Or maybe he expanded his demi-plane to the point where it's become part of the Abyss. As the demon prince Emeross Blackbile said "Oh no! He's shifted his demi-plane between the 665th and my now 667th!"

#86 07-03-06, 11:18 AM

*will now make a character that becomes the first Cleric of Shadowfoot!*

Now we need a Diciple of Shadowfoot PrC. Not only for humor's sake, but because the name sounds pretty slick, too.


#87 07-03-06, 02:10 PM

All hail Shadowfoot, the Maker & Creator. lord of all that is really neat & fun.

#88 Today, 09:08 PM

Love your work


#89 Today, 09:29 PM

Come back Shadowfoot!

Originally Posted by Shedeo
*will now make a character that becomes the first Cleric of Shadowfoot!*

Don't forget to put July 6 as his/her holyist holdiday - the day Shadowfoot left his normal life and joined the hobyiest on the Wizards boards. Gaining prestege and acclaim on the boards, he quickly became one of the most beloved creaters. Finally, his worshiper count became great enough he acencded into godhood, forever memorialized in the hearts and minds of his loyal fans.

May this day be rembered forever.


#90 Today, 11:38 PM
Location: Gdansk, Poland

Disciple of Shadowfoot

A Disciple of Shadowfoot, presumably laughing.

Disciples of Shadowfoot are the followers of an enigmatic and mysterious being known as Shadowfoot. This creature is often depicted as a vicious demon-like clown, although this visage has no reflection in its personality - Shadowfoot is said to be calm, knowledgable, and obliging. According to the written records, the first person to actually worship the Shadowfoot was a human only known as Thasis. He was the first disciple among many.

Disciples of Shadowfoot are people from all walks of life that noticed Shadowfoot's greatness (whether it actually exists or not) and decided to live by it. Disciples devote themselves to live by Shadowfoot's teachings (also known as Shadowfoot's Links), to finally achieve full transcendence beyond the plane of RAW and join their mentor in the afterlife, sortoff.

To become a disciple of shadowfoot, a character must meet the following criteria:
- character level 3
- a character must be devoted follower of Shadowfoot and must have visited each of its Links at least once
- a character must have been affected by at least 2 different house rules during the course of his or her life

Class Skills
All skills are class skills to The Disciple of Shadowfoot. Shadowfoot demands nothing less than perfection. (Well, not really, I'm just lazy to go through skill list)

Skill Points at Each Level: 6 + Int modifier.

Hit Dice: d8

Attack Fort Ref Will
Level Bonus Save Save Save Special

1st +0 +2 +0 +2 Code of conduct, homebrewed 1/day
2nd +1 +3 +0 +3 Bonus vaganza, chicken familiar
3rd +2 +3 +1 +3 Summon bobo
4th +3 +4 +1 +4 Homebrewed 2/day
5th +3 +4 +1 +4 Master's radiance
6th +4 +5 +2 +5 Bonus vaganza, foot of shadow
7th +5 +5 +2 +5 Homebrewed 3/day
8th +6/+1 +6 +2 +6 Summon bobo horde
9th +6/+1 +6 +3 +6 Bonus vaganza
10th +7/+2 +7 +3 +7 Homebrewed 4/day, transcendence

All of the following are class features of the Disciple of Shadowfoot.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Disciples are proficient with all simple weapons, as well as light and medium armor and shields (except tower shields).

Code of Conduct: Each Disciple of Shadowfoot must follow the tenets and teaching of the Shadowfoot, or the path to their master will be lost forever. Every day, a disciple must visit at least 3 separate Links at least once. If he doesn't, he loses all abilities of this prestige class until he attones.

Homebrewed (Ex): At 1st level, a Disciple of Shadowfoot can harness power of one of Shadowfoot's Links. Once per day, he can swap all his levels in disciple PrC with the same amount of levels in any class or prestige class found within the Links. He need not meet the prerequisites of any of those classes. The change lasts for a number of minutes equal disciple's level.

Bonus Vaganza: At 2nd level, a disciple gains one feat found in the Links. Every day, in the morning, a disciple can change this feat to any other feat withing the Links. A disciple gains another such feat at 5th and 8th level.

Chicken Familiar (Ex): At 2nd level, a disciple acquires chicken familiar. Treat this familiar as wizard's one. If the disciple has levels in a spellcasting class, that familiar can actually be useful. Familiar's ability is +3 bonus on jump checks.

Summon Bobo (Su): A number of times per day equal to disciple's Charisma bonus (minimum once), he can summon monstrosity known as bobo.
Link*. Bobo is completly obedient to the disciple and will carry even suicidal orders. Bobo remains summoned for 1 minute/level after which time it disappears in a burst of hysteric laughter.

* - this link belongs to the Shadowfoot. Clicking it can be used as part of upkeeping code of conduct.

Master's Radiance (Ex): A Disciple of Shadowfoot is naturally predisposed to excel at various competitions. Thanks to his master's blessing, he automatically wins all Contests where he would be compared to members of other classes.

Foot of Shadow (Su): At 6th level, a Disciple of Shadowfoot can call forth a minor manifestation of his master's greatness...sort of. As a full-round action, he screams his master's name and a huge (3x3 squares) dark-colored foot of shadow appears anywhere within 100 feet and squashed everything beneath it. Foot of shadow deals 1d6 points of damage per 2 character levels of disciple. Will save (DC 15 + disciple level + disciple's Cha modifier), as well as genuine astonisment allows to disbelief the effect. No creature can be genuinely astonished more than once in lifetime (unless treated with modify memory, mind rape, and the like).

Summon Bobo Horde (Su): As summon bobo ability, but the disciple conjures 2d6 of those buggers instead. This ability costs two uses of summon bobo ability.

Transcendence (Su): At 10th level, a disciple finally becomes one with the Shadowfoot. He no longer needs to visit Links to gain all benefits of this class and can make up Shadowfoot's quotes and claim that Shadowfoot itself actually asked him to do that.

This was written by me, Szatany, as an homage, sort of.
Stay Shadowy mr. Foot


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