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Spider-Man 3 Story Spoilers

from Dark Horizons

A few months back came some script spoilers from the upcoming third Spider-Man film, spoilers which lasted for all of half a day online before Sony forced the article's removal. Now similar spoilers have gone online over at filmick and highlight the context of many of the shots in the trailer (SPOILERS AHEAD). No word how long they'll stay online but they do sound cool and very ambitious.
Amongst the revelations:

  • Before getting on Peter, the symbiote (the black oil substance) has a rather 50's sci-fi origin (ala The Blob)
  • In a church bell tower, Eddie Brock (Topher Grace) follows this black Spidey character and sees Peter ripping himself free of the suit - some of which falls onto Brock, causing him to "become" Venom.
  • For most of the film, Spider-Man is in pursuit of The Sandman. Harry as the Goblin (sans mask) fights Peter early on and returns at the end to aid him in the final confrontation with Sandman and Venom at a construction site.
  • "Dark Spidey, as it were - Peter before he has overcome Venom - is the one who courts Gwen Stacey. Problems in the relationship with MJ, as well as professional issues compound to bring him down. Even downer than last time. That's how Raimi, Sargent and co are using Venom - as a dramatic device to show Peter not just giving up on his great responsibility, but getting drunk on his great power."
  • There are scenes inside Curt Connor's lab, where he studies the symbiote, and these scenes are also used to set up the research that will, in the character's story - though not in this movie - turn him into The Lizard.
  • The Black Cat does not make any significant appearance in the film, despite existing, on paper, in various earlier conceptions.
  • And the fourth villain? "Makes only a fleeting appearance - Bruce Campbell's character this time around is Quentin Beck, known to fans of the comic as Mysterio."

    For more details, including who lives and dies, click here.

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