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Star Trek Swingers!

from Sploid

Lonely Star Trek fanatics no longer have to watch Star Trek reruns or read Star Trek websites in social isolation, thanks to a new dating service called Trek Passions.

The free service lets male Star Trek fans search in vain for a female Trekkie.

Actually, all such searches aren't in vain. According to the Christian Science Monitor, about 25% of the registered members are women:

"Megan, a college student in a Chicago suburb who asked that only her first name be used, is one. She joined three months ago looking for fellow sci-fi fans. 'There's not a lot of them around where I live,' she says.

"In many ways the site attracts about what you'd expect. One person interviewed for this story left the endearingly rambling voice mail of a man not entirely comfortable with women. And some profiles seem to be written in another language: A TOS-TNG-DS9 Fan Looking For par'Machi.'"


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