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Ghosts of New York

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A team of paranormal investigators has been overwhelmed with calls from New Yorkers haunted by legions of disgruntled ghosts.

For the past two years, Paranormal Investigation of NYC has sent its team of ghostbusters to the scene of businesses and homes where mysterious entities wreak havoc, the New York Daily News reported Monday.

And ever since the team's appearance on Late Night With David Letterman - where they investigated the haunted Ed Sullivan Theater - business has been brisk for the non-profit spirit hunters.

Armed with high-tech equipment to monitor temperature changes, electrical activity, magnetic changes and whatever might be lurking in the infrared spectrum, the team tries to validate reports of the supernatural and rule out more mundane causes.

Some members of the nine-person team also scour the allegedly haunted houses with ancient devices such as divining rods.

As the most populous city in the United States, tens of millions of people have died in New York - many of them by terrible violence.

Ghost experts say that's why so many NYC buildings, streets, subways and parks are haunted. Almost every square inch of the metropolis is a murder scene, whether from last night or centuries ago.

Those New Yorkers who don't perish by the knife, gun or terrorism will likely die from drug overdoses or suicide. These tortured souls are stuck in limbo, according to believers in the afterlife. As a result, they hang around and bother the living.

But even members of the Paranormal Team of NYC don't necessarily believe all that supernatural stuff.

"I'm still a big skeptic," ghost hunter Dan Sturgis told the Daily News. "I'm just looking for proof."


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