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If Their Genitals Drop Off, Be Afraid - Very Afraid

Docs Won't Treat Horrible Illness

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A horrific disease is eating its way across the South. It causes black beads of sweat, painful black hairs and tiny bugs to come out of your skin. If you're lucky you only suffer from open sores. It makes a staph infection seem like a picnic.

"It really has the makings of a horror movie in every way," says Ginger Savely, a nurse practitioner in Austin, Texas. She's one of the few people trying to help.

Morgellons Disease has been spreading across Texas, California and Florida of late. Nothing can stop it. More than 1,000 people report having the disease, despite skepticism from the medical community.

Leitao got the name from "A Letter to a Friend" by Sir Thomas Browne. In it Browne tells of "endemial distemper of children in Languedoc, called the morgellons, wherein they critically break out with harsh hairs on their backs."
The illness was named by Mary Leitao, a trained biologist and chemist, whose son was stricken in 2002.

To make matters worse, most doctors refuse to treat the mysterious ailment.

"They (doctors) told me I was just doing this to myself, that I was nuts. So basically I stopped going to doctors because I was afraid they were going to lock me up," sufferer Stephanie Bailey said.

Savely says she understands why.

"Believe me, if I just randomly saw one of these patients in my office, I would think they were crazy too," Savely said. "But after you've heard the story of over 100 (patients) and they're all -- down to the most minute detail -- saying the exact same thing, that becomes quite impressive."

Dr. Adelaide Hebert maintains that these folks are nuts.

"Many of these patients do have delusion of parasitosis," Dr. Hebert said. "It is actually not uncommon to have patients come in and describe the sensation that something is crawling on their skin."

But this arrogant dismissal doesn't address the sores or hairs or worms.

"I was so humiliated from the three doctors that I went to, that I just refused to go back," said on patient.


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