X-Men 3: The Last Standing Ovation

'And These Claws Are Fabulous! Watch: *Snikt!* Jazz Hands! Couldn't You Just Die?!'

'Now pay attention this goddam time!'

'Aaand it's one-two-three-spin, bam-step, JAZZ HANDS-one-two-one-two-aaaand-BIG FINISH!'

First Look: Wolverine! The Musical!

from Defamer

ChocolateCakeCity.com, the people behind Brokeback to the Future, are back again with a trailer for X-Men-3: The Last Standing Ovation. It's the story of a loner mutant who, tormented by recurring flashbacks of showtune snippets and sparkly costumes, seeks to uncover the truth about his high-kicking, musical theater past. Will his retractable adamantium claws get in the way of mastering Fosse's exacting, jazz-hands-heavy choreography? Will he help Chorus Boy, a young mutant with amazing triple-threat gifts, work through his mutant-related issues? And, most importantly, will he make his second act finale costume change in time? The trailer offers few answers, so you'll have to suffer the interminable wait for its theatrical release to find out.


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