The Final Frontier (Sounds Cool!)

Epcot Takes Woman to Final Destination

from Sploid

For the second year in a row, Disney's Epcot Center has been the end of the line for a helpless thrill seeker who fell prey to "Mission: Space."

The victim, whose name is being withheld, took ill almost immediately after getting off the ride. She was rushed to Celebration Hospital, where her condition deteriorated rapidly. By Wednesday she was dead, she was only 49.

The ride is so violent and terrifying that passengers are supplied with motion sickness bags and people are regularly treated for chest pain.

Just last summer, 4-year-old Daudi Bamuwamye didn't survive his own mission to space. The ride was temporarily shut down so Disney engineers could inspect it. They insisted it was functioning properly. In light of yesterday's tragedy, it seems it still is.

The state Bureau of Fair Rides Inspection is being called in to monitor the latest inspection.

Over the past quarter-century there have been an average of two fixed-site ride deaths a year. "Mission: Space" has been single-handedly propping that figure up of late.


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