Sandman v. Spider-Man v. Venom

Spidey 3's Church Confirms Venom

from Sci-Fi Wire

Thomas Haden Church, who plays the villainous Sandman in Sam Raimi's upcoming Spider-Man 3, inadvertently let slip in an interview with MSN.com that a key villain will be Venom.

"I'm overwhelmed every time I'm around Sam," Church told the site. "He's been showing me [stuff] since the beginning of last summer. 'This is what we are going to be doing in this sequence. This is what Spider-Man is going to be doing, and this is what Venom is going to be doing.' It is a massive, massive process."

Venom is an alien nemesis of Spider-Man who was introduced in mid-1980s comics, a kind of stonger, evil mirror-image of Spider-Man with a black uniform and sharp, razorlike teeth.

Director Raimi has been coy about which characters will appear in Spider-Man 3, though rumors about Venom have swirled on the Internet, fueled by the official image of Spidey in a black suit.


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