Monkey Lady, Slimeball & Ice Bitch

Lee Auditions Superheroes

from Sci-Fi Wire

Comic-book creator Stan Lee, producer of SCI FI Channel's upcoming reality series Who Wants to Be a Superhero?, told SCI FI Wire that he was quite impressed with the imagination of the potential superheroes who showed up to audition in Hollywood, Calif., on April 4. About 120 contestants braved a torrential rainstorm to try out at the Sunset Gower Studios, but the weather didn't stop Monkey Lady, Bubble Man or Ice Bitch. "I defend the environment and can imprison you in icicles," said the white-haired woman with "IB" on her chest, who is really Lisa McLaughlin from Sherman Oaks, Calif. "I teach those who are teachable and punish those who are not."

In Who Wants to Be a Superhero?, a group of people dressed in costumes of their own design will take part in a series of weekly challenges. At the conclusion of each episode, Lee will appear and, much like Donald Trump on NBC's The Apprentice, dismiss one of the contestants. The winning contestant will have his character immortalized in a comic book to be published by Lee's Pow! Entertainment.

Lee shook hands with all the contestants, stopping to hear a ditty by Accordion Man — who looked a bit like Grandpa from The Munsters — and he talked to a few along the way. "I feel safe with you here," he told a Ninja. "I look forward to seeing more of you," he said to the scantily dressed Robot Girl. One masked guy in a too-tight yellow leotard with his hairy stomach hanging out said, "I'm such a big fan of yours!" Lee shook his hand and deadpanned, "And I admire your taste."

Hula-Hoop Girl (aka Anah Reichenbach) walked three blocks in her silvery outfit to the audition. "I read a lot of comic books, and Stan Lee is the guy," said the professional hula-hoop champ. "My power is to tele-transport, but my powers are erratic in prisons or insane asylums." One guy demonstrated how he could encase himself in a giant pink bubble, and another escorted his superhero rottweiler. The lineup also included a ballerina, a guy balancing a sword on his head, a rock star, a mouse man and a green-faced, loud-mouthed youth calling himself Slimeball.

The six-week, one-hour show is seeking contestants through April 7.


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