Horse Goes Medieval on Their Asses

Ren-Fair Stampede!

from Sploid

What was supposed to be a fun and educational trip back in time turned into an evening of unforgettable terror for a group of Florida school children.

Two dozen kids from Orange Park Christian Academy outside of Jacksonville were visiting Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in nearby Kissimmee.

The kids were taken to the "royal stables" to watch some deluded loser pretending to be a knight try to mount his steed. Instead he scared the horse and sent it charging for the defenseless children.

As the kids ran for their lives they trampled one another. Four of them ended up in the hospital.

"A couple of them had their legs stepped on as they had fallen," Kissimmee Fire spokesman Randy Eubanks said. "It was probably a combination of being stepped on by the other students trying to get out of the way of the horse."

The chivalrous folks who make their living pretending it's the eleventh century are uhdaunted however, as this evening's shows are to go as planned.


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