Justice for Moosebot!

Throwing the Book at Robo-Moose Shooter

from Sploid

Canada loves its moose, even its robot moose. Shoot one of these majestic beasts, even the mechanical ones, and you'll end up in a world of trouble.

Just ask Robert Lee McLaren, 49, of Nova Scotia who recently tried to take down a metal decoy by the name of Bullwinkle.

What McLaren didn't realize was that Bullwinkle was the property of the Natural Resources Department who were trying to bag poachers. When they watched McLaren get out of his car and shoot at the defenseless machine, they bagged him.

Now McLaren has lost his hunter's license for 20 years, his 1998 Chevy Cavalier and his thirty-ought-six rifle. He also has to pay $4,025 and faces up to 72 days in jail.

"The big fine and the ban shows just how serious the government and the courts are taking the issue of hunting endangered species," said conservation officer Mike Hunter.

McLaren copped a plea to get his wife Lorelei Anne off the hook on the same charges.

There are another eight Guysborough County residents facing charges for shooting Bullwinkle.


Blogger Cincy Diva said...

How anyone could mistake that for a real moose is beyond me...of course we have a V.P. who mistook a 6 foot old man for a tiny quail so who am I to say...

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