NASA's Ark?

Noah's Moon Ark

from Sploid

A top European space scientist says humans must send a new Noah's Ark to the moon so that Earth can be repopulated with critters after an inevitable catastrophe wipes out all life on our planet.

"Dr. Bernard Foing said the ark should be a repository for the DNA of every single species of plant and animal," the BBC reported.

But two years after Foing's frantic call for a Noah's Ark to be immediately launched, there's not even a project on the drawing boards to save Earth's people, animals and plants.

Whether it's an asteroid smashing down, rising sea water drowning everything but fish, nuclear annihilation, or pandemics that wipe out all people (the only Earth creature that can currently build spaceships), it's all but certain that the short reign of man and animals will end violently unless the Moon is used as a distant sperm bank.

Once the DNA is safely stored, the next step will be building a human colony on the moon, Foing says.

"Perhaps five years later it would be possible to establish a permanent lunar base with a closed biosphere where a crew of 10 people could live for 100 days at a time," he told CNN.

"There we could conduct experiments and learn to be independent of Earth by living off the moon's resources: by using solar energy and the minerals from the soil. The next project would be to build a real community on the moon comprising hundreds of people of both sexes."


Blogger M@ said...

I liked this better when it was called "Skycaptain and the World of Tomorrow"

it had jude law in it.

regretfully un-naked.

6:41 PM  
Blogger Darren said...

I hate it when he does that. Clothes are stupid.

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