Where Da Gold, Beeyatch?

Ghetto Leprechaun

from Sploid

A frightening "leprechaun" has taken up residence in a poor neighborhood outside of Mobile, Alabama - and one little town's problem has become a national sensation.

St. Patrick's Day has passed for most Americans, but the people of Crichton Community are still living an Irish nightmare.

Crowds gather at night to see the "leprechaun" in its tree. Witnesses describe a creepy, doll-eyed dwarf wearing a bowler-style hat.

Shine a light at the entity and it vanishes.

"To me it look like a leprechaun to me, all you gotta do is look up in the tree," one man told NBC 15 reporters. Then he turned to the crowd and shouted, "Who all seen the leprechaun, say 'Yay!'"

The crowd responded with a hearty "Yayyyy!"

Interviewed through her car's driver-side window, Mobile resident Alice Sellers offered an explanation that attests to the havoc wreaked by the community's illegal drug trade.

"Could be a crackhead that got hold to the wrong stuff and it told him to get up in the tree and play a leprechaun," she said.

In the daylight, there is less fear and even optimism.

One man studied the tree and made his plans public.

"I'm a run a backhoe up, uproot that tree," he said. "I wanna know where the gold is. I want the gold. Give me the gold. I want the gold!"

His lust for gold has since become a hit online hip-hop song, "Where da gold?" by independent emcee Da Lep Ra Con.

The story might never have been known outside the poor community if not for a bizarre news report broadcast on Mobile's NBC-15. [video]

The newscast was recorded and then spread around the Internet. Thousands of people all over the country have since seen the disturbing story.


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