Chupacabra! Vampiric Terror of Latin America!

...Now Just Ugly Kangaroo Dog Texans Shoot for Fun

Chupacabra Shot Dead

from Sploid

A pair of East Texas brothers went hunting for the mystery beast seen around the woods and came back with
a dead Chupacabra.

"I had chased it a couple times earlier, about a month ago, and my friends didn't believe me,"
Kolby Russell told KLTV, his local news station (video). "I finally showed them and they did."

The weird creature looks like
other Chupacabras either killed or found dead in Texas.

With long toothy snouts, leathery skin and hind legs longer than the front legs, the Texas critters look more like deformed zombie kangaroos than the legendary
spike-backed alien goatsucker seen in Puerto Rico and Mexico.

The strange beasts were first reported in 1992, and
stories of the horrible animals soon spread from Puerto Rico to Hispanic communities all over the Americas.

"What is that?" are the first words out of anyone's mouth when shown photos of the animal...

She was called to photograph and possibly help identify the animal, but she'd never seen anything like this. She almost couldn't believe what she was looking at. "It was so necrotic, its tissue was just rotted."

The animal was male and weighed between 15 and 20 pounds. Its blue-grey skin was almost hairless and appeared to be covered with mange. Its front legs were much smaller than its hind legs, and a long, rat-like tail curled behind its emaciated frame. "It's not a dog," she said. "I'd bet my lottery ticket on that."

Its jawline revealed four extremely long canine teeth that despite the animal's overall ghoulish appearance were in excellent condition. And despite having been shot, there was virtually no blood seeping from the carcass. "Its body looked like something that has been dead for a month or so," she said.

The animal's ear "broke like a cookie" when its head was held up for a photograph. "I've worked in the veterinary field for more than 20 years and I've never seen anything that bad."

An identical animal, just like this one, darted across the road in front of her car while she was driving to the scene, its head down and its tail between its legs. She said the live animal is probably the dead one's mate.

"It's in misery, too."


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