Undated, Grainy BW Monster?
A. Nonymous Says Si

Lake Monster Pix!

from Sploid

Argentina's famed lake monster, "Nahuelito," was reportedly photographed on Saturday.

The newspaper El Cordillerano published two of the pictures in today's edition.

According to cryptozoologist Scott Corrales, the photos were taken by an unidentified man at Lake Nahuel Huapi on Saturday morning.

The man left the pictures at the newspaper's offices with a note saying he would not leave his name because he wanted to avoid "future headaches," CryptoMundo reported today.

The mystery man apparently spoke to a receptionist and said the thing seen in the lake water wasn't a tree branch or anything similarly mundane, but an actual creature swimming.

Also known as the "Patagonian plesiosaur," sightings of the creature go back to at least the 1920s.


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