Easter Bunny Cracks Open an Egg o' Whupass

Thanks for the Beating, Easter Bunny!

from Sploid

Who doesn't love the Easter Bunny? Maybe the poor young woman who took a beating from Him down at the mall.

Erin Johansson and her family were patiently waiting to have their photo taken with the legendary rabbit at the Edison Mall in Fort Myers, Florida. It was shortly before 8 p.m. Saturday when the manager, Crystal Frechette, announced that He would be knocking off early.

All the families in line were furious. Johansson confronted Frechette, demanding justice. Words turned to fisticuffs and soon the two women were rolling on the floor, with Frechette yanking Johansson's hair in an Easter Eve catfight.

That's when the Easter Bunny - aka Arthur McClure - came to his wife Frechette's defense. As numerous families and their horrified children looked on, McClure lifted his off his giant bunny head. He then dove into the fray, landing several blows to Johansson's head.

"It was something like you would see in a movie," Robert Johansson said, perhaps revealing too much about his tastes in cinema.

"The next thing you know my wife is sucker-punched by the manager, she is pulled to the ground by her hair and then the Easter Bunny jumps on top and starts punching my wife in the head."

The happy couple was charged with misdemeanor battery and disturbing the peace and released in time for Easter Dinner.

P. Cottontail Goes to the Movies: The Easter Bunny hates it when people talk through the movie, like Ellen here, may the bitch rest in peace.


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