Russian Goatsucker

from Sploid

As if life in Russia wasn't already bad enough, villagers are now reporting a hideous blood-sucking predator is feasting on their livestock.

The creature appears to be similar to the one known in the Americas as El Chupacabra.

According to Moscow News, the horror began a year ago when a horrible beast killed 32 turkeys at a Central Russian farm.

The bird corpses had all been drained of blood.

More reports followed, with one farmer claiming he lost 30 sheep and goats to the Chupacabra. Again, the bodies of the animals were left without a drop of blood.

"Eyewitness descriptions match the traditional description of the Chupacabra, said to resemble a kangaroo and a dog with huge teeth," Moscow News reported today.

Over the past year, many creatures thought to be Chupacabras have been captured, killed or photographed in the United States.


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