Feats: H

HALFLING VERSATILITY [Background / Racial]
You are not bound by the class limits typical to halflings.
Prerequisites: Halfling.
Benefit: In addition to rogue, you may select one bonus favored class from the following list: bard, fighter, jester, professional, ranger, or swashbuckler.
Special: Background feats can only be taken as a 1st-level character.

HASTEN SPELL [Metamagic]
You cast spells spontaneously with the speed of thought.
Prerequisites: Ability to cast spells spontaneously or without preparation.
Benefit: Casting a hastened spell spontaneously or without preparation is a free action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. Unlike typical metamagic effects, Hasten Spell does not increase the casting time of spells cast spontaneously or without preparation. You can perform another action, even casting another spell, in the same round as you cast a hastened spell. A spell whose casting time is more than 1 full round cannot be hastened. A hastened spell uses up a spell slot five levels higher than the spell's actual level.
Special: You may cast only one accelerated, expedited, hastened, or quickened spell per round.

HERO'S LUCK [Background]
You are favored by fate.
Prerequisites: Nonevil.
Benefit: You gain a +1 luck bonus to all saving throws.
Special: Background feats can only be taken as a 1st-level character.

You enjoy the class versatility of humans and half-elves.
Prerequisites: Half-Orc, Orcish Versatility feat.
Benefit: All classes are favored classes for you.


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