Feats: U-V-W-X-Y-Z

Your unrefined nature is not always a hinderance.
Benefit: You disregard any negative ability score modifiers when making Craft, Handle Animal, Intimidate, and Survival checks.
Special: Background feats can only be taken as a 1st-level character.

You are difficult to keep at bay.
Benefit: You get a +2 bonus to all opposed grapple checks, all Escape Artist checks to escape a grapple or pin, and all saves against paralysis, slow, hold, entangle, solid fog, and similar spells that impede movement.

VEILED ATTACK [Fighter / General]
You can use your cloak to conceal your weapon until the last moment.
Prerequisites: Base Attack Bonus +6, Sword and Cloak Fighting feat, Weapon Finesse feat, Proficiency in the rapier, scimitar, shortsword, or longsword (or similar one-handed blade).
Benefit: When fighting with the Sword and Cloak Fighting feat and using your cloak attack to Distract your melee opponent, your cloak also conceals the location of your weapon, allowing you to strike without notice to severely injure your opponent. When you use your cloak to Distract your opponent, your next sword attack that round against that opponent ignores the target's Dexterity bonus to AC (if any) and deals an extra 1d6 points of Sneak Attack damage, in addition to the effect of Distracting the target. You can make one Veiled Attack per round.
Combat Style: Sword and Cloak [Improved Combat Style].

You can cast bard spells in heavy armor without spell failure.
Prerequisites: Bard level 12, Armored Casting feat, Armor Proficiency (Heavy) feat, Armor Proficiency (Medium) feat, Battle Bard feat.
Benefit: You may cast bard spells in Heavy armor while ignoring arcane spell failure.

You have a pleasant, amicable demeanor.
Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on all Diplomacy checks and Handle Animal checks.

WEAKEN SPELL [Metamagic]
You can cast a weakened version of more a powerful spell.
Benefit: All random variable numeric effects of a weakened spell are reduced by 50%. A weakened spell deals only half-damage, heals only half hit points, affects only half the possible number of targets, etc. Saving throws and opposed rolls are not affected, nor are spells without random variables. A weakened spell takes up a spell slot one levels lower than the spell's actual level, to no lower than 1st level.

WEAPON EXPERTISE [Fighter / General]
You do additional damage with your selected weapon.
Prerequisites: Base Attack Bonus +7, Weapon Focus with selected weapon.
Benefit: Select any weapon in which you have Weapon Focus. You deal +1 damage with this weapon. This does not stack with the benefits of Weapon Specialization or Weapon Mastery feats.

You are deadly with your chosen weapon.
Prerequisites: Fighter level 16; Greater Weapon Focus, Greater Weapon Specialization, Weapon Focus, and Weapon Specialization in selected weapon.
Benefit: Select any weapon in which you have Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Greater Weapon Focus, and Greater Weapon Specialization. You receive an additional +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls with this weapon, and the weapon's threat range is increased by 1 (above any current enhancements, such as the Improved Critical feat).
Combat Style: Mounted [Combat Style Improvisation].

WHIPCRACK [Fighter / General]
The crack of your whip is deafening.
Prerequisites: Base Attack Bonus +6, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Whip) feat, Weapon Finesse feat, Whip Finesse feat.
Benefit: Any time that you fail a whip attack roll by less than 4, your target must make a Fortitude save (DC = your attack roll) or be deafened for 1d3 rounds. Any time that you elect to deal nonlethal damage with a whip, upon a successful attack roll you may choose to issue a whipcrack instead of dealing nonlethal damage. You may deal only one whipcrack per target per round. Multiple whipcrack effects on a single target do not stack; however, if the target fails its save on the subsequent whipcrack, it is stunned for any overlapping durations. For example, you deal a whipcrack to a targeted creature which fails its save, deafening it for three rounds; the following round you deal the same creature a second whipcrack, deafening it for 1 round after it fails its save - the creature is deafened for a total three round and stunned on the second round.
Combat Style: Whip [Combat Style Improvisation].

WHIP FINESSE [Fighter / General]
You are skilled at disarming and tripping with the whip.
Prerequisites: Base Attack Bonus +4, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Whip) feat, Weapon Finesse feat.
Benefit: You receive a +4 bonus to Disarm and Trip attempts made with the whip.
Combat Style: Whip [Combat Style Improvisation].

WILL SPELL [Metamagic]
You can cast spells with only a thought.
Benefit: You can cast any spell without Material, Somatic, or Verbal components, as if under the effects of the Eschew Materials, Silent Spell, and Still Spell feats. A willed spell uses up a spell slot three levels higher than the spell's actual level.

WILY [General]
You are difficult to pin down.
Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on all Bluff checks and Escape Artist checks.

YONDALLA'S AIM [Fighter / Racial]
You have a racial knack for slings and thrown weapons.
Prerequisites: Halfling, Base Attack Bonus +1, Proficiency with the sling.
Benefit: You enjoy a +1 racial bonus to damage rolls with slings and all throw weapons against targets within 30 feet, which stacks with all feats.

You use intuition to avoid an enemy's attack.
Prerequisites: Dexterity 13, Wisdom 13, Dodge feat.
Benefit: Against the designated target of your Dodge feat, you can apply your Wisdom modifier as an insight bonus to AC. In any circumstance in which you lose your Dexterity bonus to AC, you lose the benefits of Zen Defense

ZEN FOCUS [General]
You use focus to succeed at skill checks.
Prerequisites: Wisdom 13, 10 ranks or Skill Focus in listed skill.
Benefit: You add your Wisdom modifier as an insight bonus to all checks with any of the following skills in which you also have Skill Focus or at least 10 ranks: Balance, Concentration, Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Move Silently, Search, and Use Magic Device.


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