Feats: R

RAISED BY FEY [Background]
You were stolen as a child and raised among the fey.
Benefit: You receive a +3 racial bonus to all Knowledge (Nature) checks regarding Fey, to all Sense Motive and Charisma-based skill checks when the target or subject of the check is Fey, and to all saves against the spells and spell-like abilities of Fey. Sylvan is a bonus language.
Special: Background feats can only be taken as a 1st-level character.

RANGED TRIP [Fighter / General]
You can perform a trip against an opponent with a specific ranged weapon.
Prerequisites: Dexterity 15, Base Attack Bonus +6, Point Blank Shot feat, Precise Shot feat.
Benefit: Choose one type of ranged weapon with which you are proficient. You can make trip attempts with this weapon as long as your target is within 30 feet.
Combat Style: Bolts A'Blazing [Combat Style Improvisation].

RAPID FIRE [Fighter / General]
You attack three times while shooting on the run.
Prerequisites: Dexterity 15, Base Attack Bonus +16, Dodge feat, Fleeting Fire feat, Mobility feat, Shot on the Run feat.
Benefit: You can designate a third target for your Shot on the Run feat. In addition to the second attack you gain from your Fleeting Fire feat, you can make a third ranged weapon attack with a -10 penalty.

RECKLESS DEFENSE [Fighter / General]
You focus your defenses on a single target.
Prerequisites: Dexterity 13.
Benefit: Each round, you may designate a single opponent. Against that opponent, you receive a +2 dodge bonus to your AC. Against all other opponents, you receive a -1 penalty to your AC.
Combat Style: Reckless [Defensive Combat Style], Wild [Defensive Combat Style].

REDUCE SPELL [Metamagic]
You can cast a less effective version of a more powerful spell.
Benefit: A reduced spell extends to only 50% its normal range, lasts only 50% as long as its normal duration, and - if the spell is a burst, emanation, line, or spread - affects only 50% of the normal area. Reduce Spell can only be applied to spells that have at least two of these three qualities - Range, Duration, and/or Area - that can be so reduced. A reduced spell takes up a spell slot one level lower than the spell's actual level, to no lower than 1st level.


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