Feats: G

GARL'S GRIP [Fighter / Racial]
You have a racial knack for the battleaxe.
Prerequisites: Gnome, Base Attack Bonus +1, Proficiency with the hooked hammer.
Benefit: You enjoy a +1 racial bonus to hit and damage rolls with the hooked hammer, which stacks with all feats.

GNOMISH VERSATILITY [Background / Racial]
You are not bound by the class limits typical to gnomes.
Prerequisites: Gnome.
Benefit: In addition to bard, you may select one bonus favored class from the following list: illusionist, jester, rogue, sorcerer, swashbuckler, or tinker.
Special: Background feats can only be taken as a 1st-level character.

You are skilled at golem creation.
Prerequisites: Craft Construct feat, Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat, Craft Wondrous Item feat.
Benefit: You are considered 2 levels higher for the purpose of Construct creation and pay only 75% of the normal time, material, and experience costs associated with such endeavors.

You battle your enemy with greater enthusiastic zeal.
Prerequisites: Charisma 17, Base Attack Bonus +16, Combat Enthusiasm feat, Have at Thee feat, Improved Combat Enthusiasm feat.
Benefit: Against the target of your Combat Enthusiasm feat, you now enjoy a +3 morale bonus to all melee attack and damage rolls.
Combat Style: Happy-Go-Lucky [Combat Style Improvisation].

GREATER MANYSHOT [Fighter / General]
Your skill when firing multiple arrows at once grows.
Prerequisites: Dexterity 19, Base Attack Bonus +11, Improved Rapid Shot feat, Manyshot feat, Point Blank Shot feat, Rapid Shot feat.
Benefit: The attack roll penalty when employing the Manyshot feat is decreased by 2, to no lower than -0. You may take this feat multiple times; its effects stack.
Combat Style: Archery [Combat Style Improvisation].

You have a keen understanding of devices.
Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on all Disable Device checks and Use Magic Device checks.

You effectively tell a tale.
Benefit: You get a +1 bonus on all Bluff checks, Diplomacy checks, Gather Information checks, and Perform (Oratory) checks.

GRUUMSH'S GRIP [Fighter / Racial]
You have a racial knack for the spear.
Prerequisites: Half-Orc or Orc, Base Attack Bonus +1, Proficiency with the longspear, shortspear, and spear.
Benefit: You enjoy a +1 racial bonus to damage rolls when wielding the longspear, shortspear, and spear as melee weapons, which stacks with all feats.


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