Good! A Prequel Movie After a Failed Prequel Series?!
Worst! Idea! Ever!

Of course, there's still my Star Trek: Paradox idea for a sequel...something tells me Patrick Stewart would do it in a nanosecond...

Star Trek: XI Canceled?

from Dark Horizons

The latest issue of Dreamwatch spoke with producer Rick Berman's assistant Doug Mirabello who revealed that the Erik Jendresen Star Trek: The Beginning script had been scrapped and that there isn't likely to be any Star Trek in movie theatres or on television for quite some time says Trekweb.

He also says that to his knowledge there are no plans for using Patrick Stewart in any forthcoming TNG movie projects. "It's more likely that some executive had a casual conversation with him and brought up some hypotheticals which he ran with when some reporter asked him about Star Trek. There's a chance that someone else at Paramount is planning something huge and keeping us out of the loop. From what I've heard, Patrick wouldn't do another Trek movie unless they paid him Professor X money."

Now that the merger between UPN and WB is in full swing, Mirabello is not optimistic about a small screen future either - "The TV side is now technically in control of the franchise's future, and Les Moonves hates all things sci-fi. However, I think this is actually for the best - the public needs to want to see Star Trek again. The best way to achieve this is to take it away for a few years and then bring it back and do it right. The franchise needs a totally new creative team, some time off, and a cool new approach".


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