Will Brake for Trolls

Troll Tourists

from Sploid

Tourists are flocking to the icy tip of Norway in hopes of seeing the Scandinavian country's horrible troll creatures.

Norwegians - especially the rural people up north - believe in the trolls just like Americans believe in Jesus.

And just as Jesus products are wildly popular in the United States, Norway's troll industry cranks out an incredible array of "nordmenn" statues, books and trinkets.

"These nordmenn (men of the north) are generally believed to have supernatural powers and offer good luck," South Korea's ohmynews.com reported.

"Supposedly, trolls are as blind as a bat and can't see their own hand in front of them. Legend says the worst thing you could do near a troll is to be happy; they hate happiness and things that make people happy. So we have to be careful to not make a troll mad."

It hardly sounds like a fun holiday, but compared to the usual European tourist destinations - concentration camps, plague columns, cemeteries, etc. - being sad while trying to find an elusive Norwegian troll is comparatively enjoyable.


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