Armies of Robots Trained To Kill Humans?
Has Science Fiction Taught Us Nothing?!

America's Robot Soldiers

from Sploid

What does the world's mightiest military power do when nobody will enlist?

Replace them all with mindless murdering robots, that's what.

Stuck in two never-ending wars – and with more on the drawing board – the Pentagon has announced that one-third of its human-operated ground vehicles will be replaced with killer robots within a decade.

Army Col. Edward Ward, of the Pentagon's Robotics Systems Joint Project Office, told the Knight-Ridder news service that soldiers "love" the robots.

There are 2,500 combat robots fighting Washington's wars right now, and there will be 4,000 robots on the killing fields by the end of this year, Ward said.

Meanwhile, the Navy has ordered robotic airplanes that can take off and land on aircraft carriers all by themselves and even refuel in the skies.

And the Air Force announced that 45% of its bombing missions will soon be flown by soulless robots who never cry when innocent children are blown apart.

The Army and Marine Corps are testing dozens of ground robots that do dangerous jobs such as finding roadside bombs and peeking inside enemy buildings. Soon, the robots will do most of the actual killing.

"Do you want to send your son or daughter in there? No, let's send a robot," robot master Marine Col. Terry Griffin said.

"Three years ago, I had to beg people to try a robot. We don't have to beg anymore. Robots are here to stay."

'Robots are here to stay.'


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