Peter Parker's Life of Crime Foiled by Fat Man with Butter Knife!

Spidey Attacks Mini-Mart

from Sploid

A knife-wielding Spiderman tried to rob a convenience store in Ontario, Canada, but the tough-guy owner fought off the costumed criminal.

Borden Schubert, 59, was working behind the counter this week when the evil Spiderman showed up.

"Give me money and give me cigarettes," the fake superhero screamed. "Or I'll kill you!"

The evil Spiderman was armed with a butcher knife. Schubert only had a butter knife.

But the store owner wasn't afraid of the masked thug. Schubert pounced on the Spiderman and wrestled the big knife away, earning a few cuts to his face and hands in the process.

When Schubert's wife Anna came running from the storeroom, she found her husband being strangled by the creep.

The tough gal ripped off the Spiderman's mask and even managed to pull off his shoes as she pushed him away from her husband.

The couple pinned the Spiderman to the floor and held him there until police arrived.

His robbery foiled, the wounded Spiderman was arrested and taken to the hospital for various injuries. Under the mask was 23-year-old scumbag Kenneth White.

White faces armed robbery charges.


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