RoboLaw Enforcement

Robocop Heading for South Korea

from Sploid

The South Korean government has launched $33.9 million spending appropriation to fund police and military robots within the next five years.

Man-bots will walk the beat at night and even chase perps.

Horse- or dog-shaped bots with six or eight "legs" will ride with the army.

"The robots will be directed by a remote control system or move autonomously via their own artificial intelligence systems," MIC project manager Oh Sang-rok said.

"The two sophisticated robots will be empowered by the country's state-of-the-art mobile network, thus enabling mass production at an affordable price," Oh noted.

They will be unveiling a line of robot domestics for home use this fall. Taking advantage of the bot-web to speed up computational processing, the new ones will be cheaper and faster than those in Japan.


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