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Tourettic Teen Tossed Out of Narnia

from Sploid

Jennifer Irizarry, 13, wanted to spend the day after Christmas visiting a dream world of magic with a group of friends at her local theatre. Instead she was humiliated in front of her peers and sent away from a Merrimack, New Hampshire movie house.

The problems began when Irizarry, who was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome in 2000, started yelping during a screening of "The Chronicles of Narnia." Others in the theater complained to management and soon Jamie Pinard, the theater's general manger, asked her to join him in the lobby so they might discuss her inability to remain silent.

"What I told her was between me and her, but she wasn't forced to leave," said Jamie Pinard, the theater's general manger. But whatever was said left Irizarry feeling as though it was best for all if she left. Knowing that the stress of being singled out would only increase the likelihood of her vocal outbursts continuing, she headed home.

The U.S. Department of Justice says protection under the law varies based on the severity of the syndrome, leaving theater owners to guess how they should respond to each teen that can't or won't keep quiet.


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