Mistletoe: The Semen of Christmas?!

Give Us a Kiss! Druids Reveal the Mystery of Mistletoe

from AFP

LONDON - Druids recreated an ancient ceremony at Britain's largest mistletoe market to honour the festive plant, traditionally held over the heads of those in the mood for a cheeky Christmas kiss.

Devotees of the Celtic religion also revealed the little-known - and surprising - reasons why the festive sprig is just the job for those feeling both festive and frisky.

The druids believe mistletoe is special because it never touches the ground, and possesses symbolic fertility qualities.

Druid Stefan Allen, from the Mistletoe Foundation, revealed just what makes mistletoe so appropriate to smooch beneath.

"Traditionally mistletoe was considered to be the semen of the gods and of the forest, because the berries contain a liquid that looks like and has the texture of semen," he said.

"This is the real reason we kiss under it at Christmas, this and because mistletoe blooms in the dark womb of wintertime."

Huddled in a circle, the druids clasped bunches of mistletoe and performed a ritual asking for the plant to bring blessings to all the homes it was going to.

Mistletoe expert Jonathan Briggs said it was boom-time for his favourite plant while the outlook for holly was "sad."


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