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Mummycat Is New School Mascot

from Sploid

The happy students of Cache Valley School in Logan, Utah, have elected a filthy old mummified cat as their mascot.

This fall, the school moved to its new home in a 116-year-old former church. School handyman Chris Weber discovered the dried-up cat while doing maintenance in the basement.

"I kind of thought, 'This would be cool for something,'" Weber told KUTV-TV. How right he was.

The students went nuts for the foul old corpse. Eighth-grader Christian Seiter put himself in charge of the campaign to make "Mummycat" the school's official mascot.

Teachers agreed with Seiter that a popular election should be held, and Mummycat won a three-way race with 35 of 78 votes. (A boring wolverine and filthy raven took second and third place.)

Bill Masslich, science teacher at the small private school, says the Mummycat was discovered just before Halloween. Dark tales of Mummycat curses and Mummycat ghosts were soon in circulation.

But the beloved freeze-dried kitty was also helpful in teaching the kids about ancient Egypt and its horrible death cult of mummification, Masslich said.

The science teacher plans to get a fancy glass case for Mummycat, while students are submitting logo designs for their new Mummycat school jerseys.


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