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Dragon 325
New Deity: God of the Duergar ['Ecology of the Duergar']: Laduguer. New Feats: Sorcerer bloodlines ['Arcane Ancestry 2 ']: Anarchic Bloodline, Axiomatic Bloodline, Familiarity, Fickle Fate, Grave Friend, Green Heart, Illithid Bloodline, Lawful Discipline, Mind Weapon, Necromantic Bloodline, Penumbra Bloodline, Plant Bloodline, Serpent Bloodline, Venomless, Voice of the Green; Spell Areas of Effect ['War Magic']: Energy Substitution; Feats that combine class abilities ['A Surge of Theurgy']: Alternative Source Spell, Combined Empathy, Customize Domain, Diversified Casting, Druidic Theurgy, Easy Metamagic, Elemental Theurgy, Holy Mount, Hymnist, Theurgic Bond, Theurgic Creationist, Theurgic Empathy, Theurgic Mount, Theurgic Specialist; Subschool-based feats ['Heroic Feats']: Ability Enhancer, Abjurative Potency, Charmer, Enhanced Shadow Reality, Evocation Resistance, Girded Soul, Heavy Teleport, Hidden Thoughts, Potent Enchantment. New Flaws: Flaws for barbarians ['Class Acts']: Blind Rage, Exhausting Rage, Gullible, Quick Burning Rage, Slow to Anger, Superstitious, Uncontrollable Rage. New Item: Drug from Dune ['A Novel Approach']: Orangespice. New Magic Items: Synergistic spellbooks ['Silicon Sorcery: Dungeon Siege']: Book of Elemental Attunement, Book of the Robust, Book of Warding; Egyptian items ['Magic Shop']: Belt of the Camel, Canopic Jars of the Guardians, Carrion Gauntlet, Cartouche of Imhotep, Cloak of the Desert, Eye of Horus, Keeper's Guide, River Sandals, Robe of the Burning Serpent, Sand of Set, Scarab Charm, Scorpion Bracers, Tiara of Bast, Vestment of Judgment; Monk items ['Class Acts']: Sai of the Hornet, Bands of the Iron Monkey, Obi of the White Lotus Master, Staff of the Crushing Breeze. New Monsters: From Dune ['A Novel Approach']: Orangeseer, Sandworm. New PrC: Mounted archer ['Gaining Prestige']: Bowman Archer. New Race: Wolf humanoids ['Winning Races']: Lupin. New Spells: Minor spells ['Spellcraft']: Appraising Touch [Div:b1w1], Dead End [Ilu:Shw:assn1b1w1], Marked Man [Div:assn2r1w2], Serene Visage [Ilu:Glm:assn1b1w1], Shock and Awe [Enc:MAf:assn1b1w1], Spontaneous Search [Div:w1]. Other Articles: Ethereal and shadow planes ['Sage Advice']; Duergar ['The Ecology of Duergar'], Tracking details ['Class Acts'].

Dragon 324
New Classes: Variant lore wizard ['Class Acts']: Filidh; Variant druidic ranger ['Class Acts']: Wild Defender; Variant nature monk ['Class Acts']: Wild Monk. New Feats: Racial feats ['Heroic Feats: Racial Feats']: Human Blood, Innate Magic, Slender, Slow Maturation, Stocky, Superior Hearing, Superior Sense of Smell, Superior Taste, Superior Touch, Superior Vision; Exalted hunting ['Gaining Prestige']: Nemesis. New Flaws: Flaws for bards ['Class Acts']: Arcane Performer, Brash, Coward, Fool, Frivolous Performer, Loudmouth, Meticulous Performer, Trivial Performer; Flaws for druids ['Class Acts']: Bestial Instinct, City Slicker, Claustrophobia, Coldblooded, Forlorn of Men, Hot-Blooded, Love of Nature, Metal Intolerance, No Time for Book Learning; Flaws for paladins ['Class Acts']: Chivalrous Courtesty, Code of Arms, Honorable Challenge, Honor of the Duel, Mounted Warrior, Pride of Arms, Solitary Paragon, Warrior of the Phalanx. New Items: Items for battling undead ['Exorcising Equipment']: Blood Thickener, Book of Prayers, Holy/Unholy Candle, Holy Wafer, Portable Pyre, Reinforced Sheath. New Magic Items: Items from American Gods ['A Novel Approach']: Ashen Branch, Chernobog's Sledge, Eagle Stones, Mad Leprechaun's Coin, Wednesday's Left Eye, Wednesday's Pin, Zorya's Polunochnaya's Moon; Items with a cost ['Magic Shop']: Agustinius's Folly, Fool's Plate, Hammer of Skill, Heironeous's Mercy, Lesser Ring of the Mystical Elite, Mantle of the Winter Witch, Mask of Fury, Ring of the Mystical Elite, Shadahkar's Swift Wind, Skin of Kaletor. New Monsters: Dream monsters ['Living Nightmares']: Du'lora Quori, Hashalaq Quori, Kalaraq Quori, Hob, Spellshadow; Cold monsters ['Chilled to the Bone']: Black Ice Golem, Icy Prisoner, Steaming Soldier, Winterling; Crypt vermin ['Exorcising Equipment']: Mummy Mites. New PrC: Creature hunter ['Gaining Prestige']: Sworn Slayer. New Race: Frog humanoids ['Winning Races']: Grippli. New Spells: Illusions ['Spellcraft']: Chalkboard [Ilu:Fig:w0], Delusions of Grandeur [Ilu:Phm:MAf:b2w2], Phantom Foe [Ilu:Phm:MAf:assn2w2], Sensory Deprivation [Ilu:Phn:MAf:w3], Shadowy Grappler [Ilu:Shw:MAf:w6], Solipsism [Ilu:Phm:MAf:w6]. Other Articles: Divine spellcasting ['Sage Advice']; Backgrounds with benefits ['Class Acts - Fighter']; Optimizing animate dead ['Getting More Bang for Your Bones']; Night Hags ['The Ecology of Night Hags']; Cthulu in D&D ['The Shadow Over D&D'].

Dragon 322
New Classes: Racial Classes ['Ecology of the Dark Ones']: Dark Creeper, Dark Stalker; Shadowy racial classes ['Shady Characters']: Shadow Creature, Shade, Umbral Creature. New Deities: God of Shadow ['Lord of Darkness']: Erebus; God of Murder ['Deathstalkers of Bhaal'] Bhaal; Drow Goddess of Dead ['Nether Hounds of Kiaransalee']: Kiaransalee. New Feats: Dark One inspired ['Ecology of the Dark Ones']: Cutpurse, Deep Poisoning, Expert Tumbler; Shadow familiars ['Lord of Darkness']: Shadow Familiar. New Items: Dark One substances ['Ecology of the Dark Ones']: Brown Mold Oil, Oil of Nausea, Poison-Friend Pod, Shadow Haze Dust, Shadow Veil. New Magic Items: Magic poisons ['Shadows of Undrentine']: Concentrated, Contagious, Destructive, Gripping, Mounting, Potent, Repeating, Spell Resistant; Magic lantern ['Shadow's City']: Lajandra's Lantern; Rogue and bard items ['Sneaky, Stealthy & Stylish']: Amulet of Good Fortune, Armor of the Woodland, Bracers of Blocking, Brooch of Alertness, Dagger of Torment, Drum of the Shadow Hound, Fey Flute, Nymph Bone Flute, Pixie Bone Flute, Rapier of Disarming, Sap of Stunning, Satyr Bone Flute, Sword of Murder; Unique drow items ['Heroes of the War of the Spider Queen Part III']: Arms of the Jaezred Chaulssin, Drow House Insignia, Gem of Wisdom, Halisstra's Comb, Instrument of the Bards, Piwafwi of Reistance, Ring of Shadows. New Monsters: Darkness elemental ['Lord of Darkness']: Darkness Pseudo-Elemental; Shadow monsters ['Shadow's City']: Beacon Moth; Shadow Creatures ['Shady Characters']: Shadow Creature, Shade, Umbral Creature; Drow nether hounds ['Nether Hounds of Kiaransalee']: Nether Hound Creature. New PrC: Murder worshipper ['Deathstalker of Bhaal']: Deathstalker of Bhaal; Shadow worshipper ['Lord of Darkness']: Shadow Apostle. New Spells: Shadow and light spells ['Patterns of Shadow and Light']: Cone of Dimness [Ill:Phm:MAf:w4], Ebon Eyes [Tra:assn2c2w2], Lightwall [Evo:Lgh:c4w4], Lucent Lance [Tra:Lgh:c4d4w4], Luminous Gaze [Evo:Lgh:w1], Radiant Assault [Evo:Lgh:c7w7], Rainbow Beam [Evo:Lgh:w2], Rainbow Blast [Evo:Lgh:w3], Shadow Phase [Tra:assn4w4]; Shadow spells ['Lord of Darkness']: Shadow Curse [Nec:Drk:w4], Shadow Shield [Nec:Drk:w6]. Other Articles: Ability scores, feats, magic items, and prone ['Sage Advice']; Light and darkness ['Who's Afraid of the Dark?']; Dark Ones ['Ecology of the Dark Ones']; Plane of Shadow city Balefire ['Shadow's City'].

Dragon 319
New Classes: Eberron crafter ['Countdown to Eberron']: Magewright; Wizardly psions ['The Erudite']: Erudite; Dark-sun variants ['Dark Sun Setting and Races']: Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Psion, Psychic Winner, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Soulknife, Wilder, Wizard. New Domains: Eberron domains ['Countdown to Eberron']: Deathless, Life. New Feats: Psionic ['The Erudite']: Extra Unique Power; Greyhawk regional feats ['Greyhawk Feats']: Deepseer, Desert Fighter, Elemental Focus, Exercises of Arnd, Faerie Mysteries Initiate, Heir of Lendore, Jinn Bond, Nexus Method, Pureblood Suel, Rustic Charm, Sagacious Mind, Second Sight, Shadowbound, Silent Method, Spirit of the Sea, Tested, Troll Blooded, Vathrin Stigmata, Vatun's Touch, Well Traveled, World Weary, Zagyg's Favor; Monk feats ['Warriors of the Animal Fist'] Deft Fist, Kung Fu Genius, Ring the Golden Bell. New Items: Dark-sun gear ['Dark Sun Setting and Races']: Cahulaks, Gynthka, Chatkcha, Armor Materials (Bone, Wood, Bark, Bronze, etc.); Weapons ['Warriors of the Animal Fist'] Rope Dart, Tiger Hook Sword. New Magic Items: Divination items ['I Scry']: Amulet of Deception, Circlet of Convocation, Deathglance Locket, Golden Beholder, Ioun Ston: Black and White Ellipsiod, Mirror of Captured Images, Ring of Scry Detection, Ring of the Evil Eye, Scout Goggles, Scryskull, Scryskull Helm. New Monsters: Eberron monster ['Countdown to Eberron']: Living Spell; Hungry monsters ['Salammbo: The Eaters of Vile Things'] Ravenous Creature. New PrCs: Animal-themed monks ['Warriors of the Animal Fist']: Shen; Winged ['Class Acts'] Aerial Avenger. New Races: Dark-sun races/variants ['Dark Sun Setting and Races']: Aarakocra, Dwarf, Elan, Elf, Half-Elf, Half-Giant, Halfling, Human, Maenad, Mul, Pterran, Thri-kreen. New Spells: Eberron spells ['Countdown to Eberron']: Energy Alteration [Tra:art1], Hero's Blade [Nec:dthlss9], Magecraft [Div:w1], Nature's Wrath [Evo:d4], Power Surge [Tra:art3]. Other Articles: monsters and equipment ['Sage Advice']; Plague of Famine ['Salammbo: The Eaters of Vile Things'].

Dragon 314
New Feats: Fire-themed ['Brotherhood of the Burning Heart']: Burning Focus, Radiant Spell, Flash Casting; Earth-themed ['Dust to Dust']: Earthcraft, Earth Focus, Friend of Earth; Water-themed [Guardians of the Deepest Seas'] [i]Flotation, Flow with the Current, Pressure Resistance, Sea Legs, Water Focus; Salamander feat [Searing Flames] Burning Rage, Gout of Flame, Tail Snap. New Magic Items: Fire-themed ['Brotherhood of the Burning Heart']: Gauntlets of Heartfelt Blows, Girdle of Hate; Earth-themed ['Dust to Dust']: Boots of Stability, Clay of Sculpting, Ring of Earth's Grasp, Staff of Earthen Might; Wind-themed ['Masters of the Four Winds']: Intelligent Flying Carpet. New Monsters: Fire-themed ['Brotherhood of the Burning Heart']: Fire-Souled Creature; Earth-themed ['Dust to Dust']: Creeping Stone; Baby salamanders [Searing Flames] Flamebrother Larva, Salamander Larva. New PrCs: Fire/passion-themed bard ['Brotherhood of the Burning Heart']: Heartfire Fanner; Wind-themed monks ['Masters of the Four Winds']: Master of the East Wind, Master of the North Wind, Master of the South Wind, Master of the West Wind; Water-themed [Guardians of the Deepest Seas] [i]Darkwater Knight; Element-themed [Channeling the 4 Elements] Earthshaker, Icesinger, Firestorm Berserker, Purebreath Devotee. New Race: Psionic preview ['Revised Psionics Preview #1']: Synad. New Spells: Fire-themed ['Brotherhood of the Burning Heart']: Distract [Enc:Cmp:b1w1], Heartfire [Evo:b2d2], Raging Flame [Tra:Fir:d1w1], Slow Burn [Tra:Fire:d1w1]; Earth-themed ['Dust to Dust']: Earthen Grace [Abj:Eth:d2w3], Mountain Stance [Tra:d2w2], Stonemantle [Tra:Eth:c2d1w2], Tremor [Evo:Eth:c3d3]; Wind-themed ['Masters of the Four Winds']: Capricious Zephyr [Evo:Air:d3w3mosw3], Cyclonic Blast [Evo:Air:w1mosw1], Downdraft [Evo:Air:c5d5], Eye of the Hurricane [Abj:Air:d4], Stolen Breath [Nec:Air:w2mosw2], Updraft [Cnj:Cre:Air:c3d3mosw3]; Water-themed [Guardians of the Deepest Seas'] Airbubble [Cnj:Cre:c1w1], Blood to Water [Nec:Wtr:c7], Body Harmony [Tra:Wtr:b5], Deep Breath [Cnj:Cre:Air:d1w1], Extract Water Elemental [Tra:Wtr:d6w6], Nixie's Grace [Tra:Wtr:b6], Raise from the Deep [Tra:Wtr:c9w9], Rogue Wave [Cnj:Cre:Wtr:c4d3w4], Submerge Ship [Evo:Wtr:w7], Tsunami [Cnj:Cre:d9], Wall of Water [Cnj:Cre:Wtr:d4w4]; Miniature spell [D&D Miniatures Under Command'] Sacred Circle [Tra:c5]. Other Articles: class features, feats, and spells ['Sage Advice']; Salamanders ['Seafaring Flames: The Ecology of Salamanders'].


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