Equipment: Tools & Skill Kits

Clown Kit
A clown kit contains the basic tools of the clown trade. Most clown kits include a week's supply of greasepaint, used to paint the clown's face, and three to four small novelty items, tricks, and gadgets, such as a small red ball that attaches to the tip of the nose, a cluster of small bells or a small horn, a tiny hat on a chin strap (often resembling a small bird or potted flower), a harmless hand buzzer, or an artificial flower, medallion, or brooch that squirts water. A clown kit grants a +2 bonus to Disguise checks and Perform (Comedy) checks. Cost: 25gp. Weight: 4 lbs.

Master Toolbox
A master toolbox is a tinker's toolbox of higher quality and contains additional tools and materials all of a better make. It grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Craft, Disable Device, and Open Locks checks and a +1 circumstance bonus on structural damage Repair. Cost: 100gp. Weight: 15 lbs.

Tinker's Toolbox
The tinker's toolbox is a set of special tools used in the Craft, Disable Device, and Open Lock skills, and necessary for the tinker's Repair ability. A typical toolkit includes a variety of adhesives and solvents, tapes and clamps, and various tools common to many crafts, such as a small hammer and some nails. A tinker cannot use his Repair ability without a tinker's toolbox, and, in lieu of artisan or thief tools to compensate, skill checks in Craft, Disable Device, and Open Lock are made at a –2 penalty. (Simple repairs, however, can still be attempted normally with Craft checks.) Cost: 30gp. Weight: 8 lbs.


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