Spell Descriptors

CHROMATIC Descriptor
Chromatic spells employ or are based upon specific colors, from the vibrant reds to drab grays. Spells with the Chromatic descriptor include colorless wall, color spray, entropic aura, fairy wings, gothic, hypnotic pattern, prismatic aura, prismatic wall, rainbow chariot, rainbow pattern, rainbow spray, and scintillating pattern.

POSITIVE Descriptor
Positive spells employ positive energy, including true sunlight, healing magic, and energy from the Positive Material Plane. Spells with the Positive descriptor include bless water, bolt of glory, consecrate, cure light wounds, destroy undead, disrupt undead, energy gain, heal, mass cure critical wounds, summon xag-ya, sunlight, and symbol of life.

RUNE Descriptor
Rune spells employ, perceive, or create magical glyphs, sigils, runes, marks, and other powerful symbols. Spells with the Rune descriptor include arcane mark, comprehend writing, divine symbol, Drawmij's instant summons, erase, glylph of warding, illusory script, magic circle against evil, perfect circle, read magic, sepia snake sigil, symbol of death, symbol of life, and teleportation circle.

TEMPORAL Descriptor
Temporal spells manipulate or violate the normal laws of time, often by slowing, accelerating, manipulating, or predicting its flow. Spells with the Temporal descriptor include age, augury, cease to be, danger sense, delay poison, doorway to tomorrow, foresight, gentle repose, haste, march of time, Nikadema's second chance, primitivity, sleep of ages, slow, temporal stasis, timequake, and time stop.

Thaumaturgic spells deal with the very nature and laws of magic - interpreting it, shaping it, or utterly destroying it. Spells with the Thaumaturgic descriptor include analyze dweomer, antimagic field, anyspell, arcane sight, dead magic zone, contingency, detect magic, dispel magic, globe of invulnerability, major necromancy, Mordenkainen's disjunction, permanency, read magic, spell turning, and wish.

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