The Wishmaster
[D&D Prestige Class]

The Wishmaster
Having attained the upper echelons of arcane power, the wishmaster focuses his attention on the most powerful spell he knows: wish. He applies its principles in a variety of ways, reshaping reality with impressive ease.

Wishmasters are typically high-level wizards and sorcerers.

To qualify to become a wishmaster (Wshm), a character must fulfill all the following criteria.

Alignment: Any nonlawful.
Skills: Spellcraft 20, Concentration 15, Knowledge (Arcana) 10, Perform (Oratory) 1.
Feats: Three of the following: Any Spell, Greater Spell Specialization (Wish), Improved Spell Specialization (Wish), Spellcasting Affinity, or Spell Specialization (Wish).
Spells: The character must be able to cast 9th-level arcane spells, including limited wish and wish.
Special: The character must have cast wish at least once, incurring the minimum 5,000xp cost.

Game Rule Information
Wishmasters have the following game statistics.

Base Attack Bonus: Poor (as a loremaster).
Hit Die: d4.
Saves: Good Will / Poor Fortitude and Reflex.
Class Skills: The wishmaster's class skills are Bluff (Cha), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Knowledge (Arcana) (Int), Perform (Cha), and Spellcraft (Int). Skill Points at Each Level: 2 + Intelligence modifier.

Class Features
All of the following are class features of the wishmaster prestige class.

Weapons and Armor Proficiency: Wishmasters gain no additional weapon or armor proficiencies.

  1. Artisan of Is, Dictate Reality, Prestidigitator
  2. Articulate, Spellcasting [+1 Spellcasting]
  3. Wishful Speaking
  4. Lifewish, Wishcrafter [+1 Spellcasting]
  5. Reshape Reality [+1 Spellcasting]

Artisan of Is
Making wishes does not tax the wishmaster as it does other spellcasters. His experience point cost for casting limited wish and wish is reduced by a percentage equal to 5 x his wishmaster level.

Dictate Reality
His desires become reality. The wishmaster adds the following spells to his spell list: 0 prestidigitation, 1 command, 2 owl's wisdom, 3 suggestion, 4 lesser geas, 5 major creation, 6 mass suggestion, 7 power word: blind, 8 demand, and 9 power word: kill. In addition, he may immediately learn a number of spells from this list with a combined spell level no higher than 8, adding the selected spells to his spellbook or to his Spells Known, as appropriate; prestidigitation is learned automatically, if not already known.

As he wishes, magic alters his reality, even in the most minor and innocuous of ways. The wishmaster may use prestidigitation at will as a spell-like ability.

Spellcasting [2nd/4th/5th level]
At the indicated levels, the wishmaster gains caster level and spellcasting ability as if he had also gained a level in whatever class met the Spells requirement of this prestige class. If he had more than one class that met the requirement, he must designate a single class to benefit from this progression, a decision that cannot be later changed.

Articulate [2nd level]
A carefully worded wish is the goal of every wishmaster – precision in word choice, soundness of premise, and accuracy of expression. He adds his wishmaster level to all Bluff and Diplomacy checks and receives a +1 bonus to the spell DC of all Language-Dependant spells he casts.

Wishful Speaking [3rd level]
Reality alters at his whim. Once per day, the wishmaster can make a limited wish as a spell-like ability, even if he does not have the spell prepared. Wishful Speaking incurs all the normal experience post of a limited wish, unaltered by Artisan of Is.

In addition, the wishmaster can opt to instead voice a minor wish. A minor wish costs 100xp and can only duplicate the spells described in limited wish, albeit with a –3 penalty to the maximum spell level.

Lifewish [4th level]
The wishmaster desires to thrive and prosper, even on the subconscious level. A number of times per day equal to half of his Charisma modifier (minimum 1), he can employ the granted power of the Luck domain, rerolling any roll he just made. This is supernatural.

Wishcrafter [4th level]
His wishes can surpass the power of other spellcasters. When using limited wish, minor wish, or wish to duplicate a spell not found on the sorcerer/wizard spell list, he adds +1 to the maximum spell level he can duplicate. When using wish to create an item, he adds his wishmaster level x 1,000 to the maximum value of the item created.

Reshape Reality [5th level]
The wishmaster can make wishes even when caught unprepared. Once per week, he may make a wish as a spell-like ability, even if he does not have the spell prepared. Reshape Reality incurs all the normal experience post of a wish, unaltered by Artisan of Is.

History: Originally posted on the Wizards of the Coast message boards in September of 2004.

Board Link: To feedback on this class posted on the Wizards of the Coast message boards.


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