The Gifted
[D&D Warlock Core Class Variant]

The Gifted
Theories abound. Are the gifted borne of celestials – the descendants of angels and demigods? Are they favored by gods – for reasons as petty as wager or as noble as principal – who grant them their unexplainable powers. Or were their ancestors exposed to some holy artifact, event, or being that forever changed them and all their descendants? No one really knows, but the gifted exist nonetheless. Blessed with the powers of light and goodness, the gifted are often revered as saviors and those touched by gods but persecuted and reviled as abominations and false prophets in less enlightened societies.

The gifted are often humans and half-elves. Due to their racial connection to the celestial, aasimar sometimes take the path of the gifted, often combining levels of gifted and paladin to become powerful emissaries of light.

Gifted Prestige Classes: None.

Adaptation: The gifted represents a celestial, benevolent counterpart to the fiendish, often sinister warlock from The Complete Arcane. The gifted can be considered a variant class in any campaign that incorporates the warlock.

Updated 11/16/06: Two invocations added.

Game Rule Information
The gifted (Gft) have the following game statistics.

Abilities: Charisma is a valuable commodity for the gifted, influencing their Blessings and several class skills. A high Dexterity grants the gifted accuracy with Celestial Blasts and compensates for their limited access to armor.
Base Attack Bonus: Average (as a cleric).
Hit Die: d6.
Saves: Good Will / Poor Fortitude and Reflex.
Class Skills: The gifted's class skills are Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Knowledge (Arcana) (Int), Knowledge (The Planes) (Int), Knowledge (Religion) (Int), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), and Use Magic Device (Cha). Skill Points at Each Level: 2 + Intelligence modifier (x4 at 1st level).
Alignment: Any good or lawful.
Starting Age: As a sorcerer.
Starting Gold: 4d4 x 10gp.
Favored Class: Gifted is favored class humans and half-elves, and an additional or alternate favored class for aasimar, at the DM's discretion.
Multiclassing: Characters with levels in natural, strange, or warlock cannot take levels in gifted.

Class Features
All of the following are class features of the gifted.

Weapons and Armor Proficiency: The gifted are proficient in all Simple weapons and light armor. All Blessings and Celestial Blast are arcane spell-like abilities that require a simple somatic component, but the gifted can use Blessings and Celestial Blast in light armor without incurring arcane spell failure.

  1. Blessing [Least], Celestial Blast [1d6]
  2. Blessing [Least], Detect Magic
  3. Celestial Blast [2d6], Damage Reduction [1/silver]
  4. Blessing [Least], Implore Item
  5. Celestial Blast [3d6]
  6. Blessing [Lesser]
  7. Celestial Blast [4d6], Damage Reduction [2/silver]
  8. Blessing [Lesser], Glorious Rejuvenation [1]
  9. Celestial Blast [5d6]
  10. Blessing [Lesser], Energy Resistance [5]
  11. Blessing [Greater], Celestial Blast [6d6], Damage Reduction [3/silver]
  12. Imbue Item
  13. Blessing [Greater], Glorious Rejuvenation [2]
  14. Celestial Blast [7d6]
  15. Blessing [Greater], Damage Reduction [4/silver]
  16. Blessing [Noble]
  17. Celestial Blast [8d6]
  18. Blessing [Noble], Glorious Rejuvenation [5]
  19. Damage Reduction [5/silver]
  20. Blessing [Noble], Celestial Blast [9d6], Energy Resistance [10]

Blessings [1st/2nd/4th/6th/8th/10th/11th/13th/15th/16th/18th/20th Level]
The gifted is blessed with miraculous and superhuman abilities, as if touched by celestial powers. At the indicated levels, she selects a Blessing of up to the designated level (Least, Lesser, Greater, or Noble); otherwise, as the warlock's Invocation class feature. Blessings are considered Invocations when qualifying for any feat requiring Invocations, such as Extra Invocation, at the DM's discretion. The Blessings available to the gifted, with the effective spell level and applicable Blessing type indicated in brackets, are as follows:

Least Blessings
  • All-Seeing Eyes: [2nd Level] Her eyes comprehend and perceive what others often miss. As the warlock invocation [CMag].
  • Angelic Gaze: [3rd Level] She has the eyes of an angel, enjoying darkvision out to 60 feet and low-light vision for 24 hours.
  • Army of One: [2nd Level] Whenever she suffers a critical strike, massive damage, a Sneak Attack, or any attack that denies the gifted her Dexterity bonus to AC (but not due to any condition, such as unconsciousness, that by nature denies a Dexterity bonus to AC), she erupts in mirror images for 1 minute. While the effect is cumulative, she can enjoy no more mirror images than the spell allows.
  • Aura of Virtue: [1st Level] Evil recoils at her presence. She enjoys protection from evil for 24 hours.
  • Celestial Lance: [Blast Shape/2nd Level] As the Eldritch Spear warlock invocation.
  • Empathy: [2nd Level] She feels the emotions of others. She gains a +6 bonus to Diplomacy, Heal, and Sense Motive checks for 24 hours.
  • Epiphanic Blast: [Celestial Essence/2nd Level] As the Frightful Blast warlock invocation.
  • Euphoric Blast: [Celestial Essence/2nd Level] As the Sickening Blast warlock invocation.
  • Gentle Touch: [2nd Level] She can heal and protect an ally. The benefits of Energy Resistance and Glorious Rejuvenation now extend to a single creature she touches.
  • Glorious Ascension: [2nd Level] She rises above the fray, able to levitate herself as the spell.
  • Hammer Blast: [Celestial Essence/2nd Level] Her blasts shatter objects. As the warlock invocation [CMag].
  • Heavenly Grace: [2nd Level] Celestial powers smile upon her; otherwise as the Dark One's Own Luck warlock invocation.
  • Merciful Blast: [Celestial Essence/1st Level] Her blasts deal and extra +1d6 points of damage, and all damage dealt is nonlethal.
  • Might of the Right: [2nd Level] She exemplifies power. She gains a +2 bonus to her Strength modifier for 24 hours.
  • Platinum: [2nd Level] Her skin takes on a gleaming, metallic sheen, granting her a +3 natural AC bonus for 24 hours.
  • Radiance: [3rd Level] She can use daylight as the spell.
  • Restore Beauty: [2nd Level] Her touch can restore art from rubble, making whole as the spell. In addition, she can use disguise self as the spell to make herself appear as she would if rested, unsoiled, and in full health – no matter how haggard, dirty, or bloodied she actually is.
  • Righteous Fist: [Blast Shape/2nd Level] As the Hideous Blow warlock invocation.
  • Savant: [2nd Level] Her knowledge extends beyond her own limitations. As the Otherworldly Whispers warlock invocation [CMag].
  • See the Unseen: [2nd Level] As the warlock invocation.
  • Soft Step: [3rd Level] Her step is like a feather's. She feather falls and water walks for 24 hours.
  • Soulfilling Aura: [2nd Level] All allies within 10 feet and who have fewer than 0 hit points begin to regenerate each round. Dying creatures are stabilized on the first round. Stabilized creatures are healed of 1 hit point each round until reaching 0 hit points. This aura affects the gifted even if she is unconscious. The aura has no effect on creatures with fewer than -9 hit points or more than 0 hit point. The gifted can suspend and resume this aura as a free action, and she may extend its benefits to any non-allies as a move action.
  • Summon Flock: [2nd Level] She creates a flock of doves (treat as a swarm of bats); otherwise as the Summon Swarm warlock invocation.
  • Unstoppable: [2nd Level] She ignores resistance. She gains a +6 bonus to Escape Artist, Open Lock, and Use Magic Device checks for 24 hours.

Lesser Blessings
  • Angelic Wings: [3rd Level] Gleaming cascades of winglike radiance blossom from her shoulders; otherwise as the Fell Flight warlock invocation.
  • Aura of Comfort: [2nd Level] Her allies enjoy comfort in desert and tundra. As the Cold Comfort warlock invocation [CMag].
  • Aura of Menace: [3rd Level] Her She radiates an aura of menace as an archon.
  • Brilliant Blast: [Celestial Essence/4th Level] As the Beshadowed Blast warlock invocation.
  • Bring Peace: [4th Level] She inspires nonviolence. The gifted can hold monster as the bard spell.
  • Celestial Cascade: [Blast Shape/4th Level] As the Eldritch Chain warlock invocation.
  • Charm: [4th Level] As the warlock invocation.
  • Glittering Blast: [Celestial Essence/3rd Level] Her radiant blasts erupt in sparks. Her Celestial Blasts deal damage with the Light descriptor and deal an additional +1 damage per die against creatures vulnerable to light. Upon impact, the target radiates light for 1 round and a burst of gleaming sparks outlines creatures within 10 feet with glitterdust for 1 round.
  • Holy Blast: [Celestial Essence/2nd Level] She can imbue her blasts with divine energy. A Holy Blast deals damage as divine energy, ignoring any effects that block arcane magic and ignoring arcane spell failure. Any evil creature struck by a Holy Blast takes an additional +1 point of damage per die; nonevil creatures take 2 fewer points of damage per die (minimum 0).
  • Mantle of Virtue: [3rd Level] Evil recoils at her presence. She enjoys magic circle against evil for 24 hours.
  • Merciful Touch: [4th Level] Her touch breaks enchantments as the bard spell.
  • Optimism: [4th Level] She is confidence personified. Each round, she designates a single enemy within sight; against that enemy, she enjoys immunity to fear and the benefits of good hope.
  • Portal Ward: [3rd Level] As the Thieve's Bane warlock invocation [City].
  • Prescience: [4th Level] As the Voidsense warlock invocation.
  • Purity: [4th Level] She is immune to nonmagical poisons and nonmagical diseases.
  • Relentless Dispelling: [4th Level] She banishes magic from the afflicted. As the warlock invocation [CMag].
  • Sanctity: [4th Level] She avoids violence. The gifted can hide from undead and claim sanctuary as the spells.
  • Searing Blast: [Celestial Essence/4th Level] As the Brimstone Blast warlock invocation.
  • Smiteful Blast: [Celestial Essence/3rd Level] Her Celestial Blasts do extra damage against one of following creatures, chosen each time this Blessing is selected: Aberrations, Outsiders (Chaotic), Outsiders (Evil), Undead, or Vermin. Otherwise, as the Baneful Blast warlock invocation [CMag].
  • Turn Undead: [1st Level] She can turn undead as a cleric half her level.
  • Undaunted: [3rd Level] She moves across natural terrain - even water - with absolute surefootedness. As the Witchwood Step warlock invocation [CMag].
  • Unfettered Step: [4th Level] She moves with freedom of movement as the spell.
  • White-Winged Light: [3rd Level] She creates daylight filled with a flock of doves (treat as a swarm of bats); otherwise as the Hungry Darkness warlock invocation.

Greater Blessings
  • Absorb Magic: [6th Level] As the Devour Magic warlock invocation.
  • Brass Lion: [6th Level] She can assume the form of a dragonne for 1 round/2 gifted levels. Otherwise, as the Hellspawned Grace warlock invocation [CMag].
  • Celestial Flood: [Blast Shape/5th Level] As the Eldritch Cone warlock invocation.
  • Enthralling Blast: [Celestial Essence/4th Level] As the Bewitching Blast warlock invocation.
  • Fantasia: [5th Level] She hides in a dangerous landscape of heavenly unreality, filled with orbs of light, pools of color, and writhing structures; otherwise, as the Nightmares Made Real warlock invocation [CMag].
  • Hesitant Blast: [Celestial Essence/4th Level] Her Celestial Blasts cause the target to move with hesitation. Otherwise, as the Hindering Blast warlock invocation [CMag].
  • Nebula: [5th Level] She summons a nebula of glowing motes of heavenly light, perhaps the angry souls of the dead and righteous [treat as a locust swarm]; otherwise as the Tenacious Plague warlock invocation.
  • Positive Influence: [5th Level] As the Devil's Whispers warlock invocation [City].
  • Rapturous Blast: [Celestial Essence/6th Level] As the Noxious Blast warlock invocation.
  • Repelling Blast: [Celestial Essence/6th Level] As the warlock invocation.
  • Retributive Coma: [6th Level] She imposes a slumber from which it is painful to wake. As the Painful Slumber of Ages warlock invocation [CMag].
  • Silver Ribbons: [6th Level] She creates a glimmering curtain of silvery metallic ribbons, able to use blade barrier as the spell. Creatures killed by the barrier disappear in a flash of light.
  • Sun Blast: [Celestial Essence/6th Level] She can change her Celestial Blast into a burning ray of the sun. Her Celestial Blasts deal Fire damage with the Light descriptor and deal an additional +1 damage per die against creatures vulnerable to light. Undead struck by a Sun Blast must make a Fortitude save or be destroyed. Any creature killed by a Sun Blast explodes in a burst of fire, dealing 3d6 points of damage to all within 15 feet.
  • Thunderous Blast: [Celestial Essence/4th Level] She can change her Celestial Blast into a thundering bolt of lightning, dealing Electricity damage and forcing the creature struck to succeed at a Fortitude save or be stunned for 1 round and deafened for 1 minute.
  • Voice from Above: [5th Level] As the Warlock's Call warlock invocation.
  • Wall of Heavenly Fire: [4th Level] She creates a barrier of brilliant heat. Creatures killed by the barrier are not destroyed. However, any creature that passes through the barrier must success at a Fortitude save or be blinded for 1 round; otherwise, as the Wall of Perilous Flame warlock invocation.

Noble Blessings
  • Caster's Lament: [8th Level] She can undo the curses of others; as the warlock invocation [CMag].
  • Celestial Wrath: [Blast Shape/8th Level] As the Eldritch Doom warlock invocation.
  • Chariot of the Sun: [6th Level] She can instantly travel anywhere the sun shines. When under direct sunlight, she can greater teleport to any destination on the same plane where the same sun directly shines. Upon arrival, she is cured of fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Concussive Blast: [Celestial Essence/7th Level] Her Celestial Blasts stun their targets; otherwise, as the Binding Blast warlock invocation [CMag].
  • Invert Allegience: [6th Level] She can seize control of summoned creatures. As the Steal Summoning warlock invocation [CMag].
  • Judgment: [5th Level] Her touch dispels evil as the spell.
  • Omniscience: [8th Level] As the Dark Foresight warlock invocation.
  • Soul Cloud: [8th Level] She becomes a swarm of Diminutive, dovelike flickers of light. Creatures do not suffer Distraction by her form. However, the gifted radiates light in this form at all times, and creatures within a space she occupies are subjected to daylight. Her Swarm Attack deals maximum damage to undead and creatures vulnerable to sunlight; otherwise, as the Dark Discorporation warlock invocation.
  • Unveiled Eye: [6th Level] She enjoys true seeing as the spell.
  • Yesteryear Blast: [Celestial Essence/9th Level] Her blast seems to burn away the experiences and age of the targeted creature, reverting it to a less formidable incarnation of itself; otherwise, as the Utterdark Blast warlock invocation.

Celestial Blast [1st/3rd/5th/7th/9th/11th/14th/17th/20th Level]
A burst of white energy leaps from her fingertips; otherwise, as the warlock's Eldritch Blast class feature.

Detect Magic [2nd level]
As the warlock class feature.

Damage Reduction [3rd/7th/11th/15th/19th Level]
She enjoys miraculous resistance to physical attacks against all but silvered weapons; otherwise, as the warlock class feature.

Implore Item [4th level]
The gifted can command magical devices; otherwise, as the warlock's Deceive Item class feature.

Glorious Rejuvenation [8th/13th/18th level]
She enjoys miraculous healing abilities; otherwise, as the warlock's Fiendish Resilience class feature.

Energy Resistance [10th/20th level]
As the warlock class feature.

Imbue Item [12th level]
As the warlock class feature.

Epic Gifted: The epic-level gifted continues her Hit Die, skill point, Damage Reduction, and Energy Resistance progressions. She increases her Celestial Blast damage by +1d6 at 23rd level and every three levels thereafter (23rd, 26th, 29th, 32nd, etc.). The rate of her Glorious Rejuvenation increases by 3 at 23rd-level and every five levels thereafter (23rd, 28th, 33rd, 38th, etc.). In addition, she receives bonus feats at 24th level and every four levels thereafter (24th, 28th, 32nd, 36th, etc) and may select a Blessing of any power level in lieu of a feat; however, when she selects Blessings as bonus feats, she must select one of each power level – one Least, one Lesser, one Greater, and one Noble (in any order) – before she can select additional Blessings of each power level. For example, if she selects a Noble Blessing at 24th level, she must select a Least Blessing, Lesser Blessing, and Greater Blessing (in any order) before she can again select another Noble Blessing.

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