The Cutest Little Toy Helicopter You'll Ever See...
And Then, Bang, Your Brains Are on the Wall

Murder-Robot Helicopter

from Sploid

Despite humanity's increasingly desperate pleas, robot factories continue to develop more dangerous machines that will surely turn on mankind in the future.

Neural Robotics Inc. had a successful and sane business "building autonomous mini-helicopters for surveillance, traffic monitoring, and movie shoots," according to DefenseTech.

But that wasn't good enough. Now the mad scientists have equipped their once-friendly robot choppers with 12-gauge fully-automatic shotguns.

"Other robo-copter tinkerers are trying to give their machines some teeth," DefenseTech reports today.

"Boeing is working to fit Gatling guns and Hellfire missiles onto its 'Unmanned Little Bird' chopper. The Army recently morphed a UH-1 Huey into a robotic, missile-firing model. Meanwhile, Japanese authorities are worried that Yamaha's pint-sized robo-copters might be making their way to China, where the drones could be equipped with chemical arms. Bummer."


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