Dios Mio! El Chupacabra!

The Real Chupacabra?

from Sploid

A high-school girl in Denton, Texas, had a horrifying encounter with a creature along a deserted highway.

The unidentified girl was driving home from a basketball game on January 24 when she saw what appeared to be a Chupacabra, the mysterious monster commonly reported around farms in the Southwest United States and throughout Latin America.

CryptoMundo reports that the creature was crouched on a fencepost along the lonesome farm road some 4 miles outside of Denton and 35 miles northwest of Dallas.

"As she got closer, she saw a flesh-colored animal, about three feet tall, crouched on top of the post," the girl's mother reported.

This wasn't the usual roadkill-waiting-to-happen.

"It had a round head like an owl and a round, sloped face with a tiny round nose, like a short snout, and a slit for a mouth. It had eyes that looked like they were slanted down at the inside toward the nose and up at the outside. She could not see what color the eyes were and they did not shine when her headlights lit it up. The creature was sitting with its feet together and its knees out, in a bow-legged squat."

Then the freakish figure jumped off the fencepost and lunged at the girl's car.

She stomped on the gas pedal and arrived home in tears.

The area has had numerous Bigfoot reports along with other strange phenomena.

There have been frequent "Chupacabra" incidents in Texas, but recent mystery beasts either killed by hunters or found dead appear to be sickly coyotes or mongrels.

The Denton creature sounds remarkably like the winged monstrosities accused of killing livestock in Puerto Rico and Central America.

This reptilian beast is said to hop like a kangaroo, stand on its hind legs and have bat-like wings.

Many cryptozoologists theorize that Chupacabra is a transdimensional creature, an explanation increasingly offered for the weird experiences people have with other mythological beasts such as Bigfoot, Nessie and the "gray aliens."

According to this theory, such monsters cross over from an alternate or parallel dimension … and are able to return in the blink of an eye.

But at least one CryptoMundo commenter says the beastly vision might’ve been something as common as an armadillo.


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