Seven of Nine Credit Cards Maxed Out

Interior Trek-Orator Goes Warp-Chapter 11

from Sploid

After turning his studio apartment into a Trekkie model home, Tony Alleyne has lost all his money and his wife.

Go figure.

The Hinckley, UK man's dream was to go into business turning the homes of fellow Trekkies into replicas of the Starship Voyager.

Two loans, 14 credit cards, $290,000, and one divorce later, he had turned his home into an exact replica of the sci-fi spacecraft.

"I was convinced Trekkies all over the world would want a house like mine and pay me to do it. But I was wrong and just overstretched. Building it in my apartment was the enjoyable and easy bit."

His wife Gina left when the warp coil replaced the fridge.

"I did it all on credit cards and I’ve got over £20,000 owing on one card alone. I’m still proud of what I created but it’s been a financial disaster."


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